There’s a reason they call it the silly season

Christmas is sneaking up on us and things are going slightly crazy. People seem to have run out of patience for work, have shorter fuses and every day is a struggle to keep up.
Everyone says ‘Its the end of the year. We’re all tired.’ But what I don’t get about that argument is that the ‘end of the year’ is just a date on the calendar. Its just another day like the day before and the day after. Sure, some of us have holidays around Christmas time, but why is it that everyone seems to wind down as the end of the year approaches? I haven’t noticed people winding down before a holiday at any other time of the year…. It must be psychological: the year behind weighs down on us, exhausting us… then a new year begins and we feel lighter, ready to tackle anything. Maybe its just the hope that the new year will be better than the last.
Things in my world have been a bit wierd lately, in keeping with the spirit of the season. On Tuesday, while crossing the road with a client, I suddenly got a stabbing pain in my right hip. A pinched sciatic nerve apparently. I stumbled through the day, holding my butt-cheek for the majority of it (good look) then drove home in agony and booked a treatment with a friend who does deep tissue massage. She came over next morning and after she was finished I felt like a new person… albeit one who’d had a severe asskicking! My butt cheeks are black and blue.
That woman has strong fingers!
So, since I was at home resting and recouperating, I decided to finish the little Christmas tree I was making for a centre piece for Christmas day. Its made of sticks I collected in the paddock. I used my glue gun to put it together, and topped it off with a star decorated with beads.
No idea what happened here… This photo was saved as portrait. Please tilt your head to see it!
I also made a few stars from sticks to decorate the room. I used wire to tie the sticks together in star shapes and then hung beads on wire from the bottom point.

I feel quite proud of my Christmas decoration experiments. 
Meanwhile Fred and his friends all got noses. I made another friend for him and realized none of them had a nose. So now they all do.

Christmas is going to be busy here. We’re having it here to celebrate the first year on the farm. We’ve decided to forgo tradition and make it a grazing day: cold ham, cold turkey, cold chicken, salads, dips, cheese, crackers, lots to drink and lots of sweets. And all day to consume them!

Hopefully the day will be good to us, but despite the weather bureau’s long term forecast about a hot day with afternoon showers, I’m not optimistic. Ever since I’ve lived in Tasmania Christmas day has been COLD.

So I’m planning to set up the gazebo for an outside setting, and bring in trestles and a door to set up an inside table as well. Better safe than sorry I say.

I’m also planning to wash and clip dogs. Can’t have grimy dogs around here at Christmas! Barney is quite happily going through his days, completely unaware that his fuzzy face is soon going to shaved off and the accumulation of grime and smelliness is about to washed off. Mischa’s too. Well, she wont be clipped, but she’ll be washed. Her whites will be white again!

My two will go from a greyish white to pure white again. And I’ll be able to see their gorgeous faces again. Its been too long since they were last done. And they love it. They love being farm dogs! In fact, thats one of the best things about living here instead of Fentonbury. In Fentonbury they were locked up all day when I was at work, here they get to spend the days in the yard and they love it.

Ben is gorgeous. He’s definitely my horse, comes to the fence to say hello and get a face rub and comes to me all the time. I love it. Then Wally comes over and pushes him away in case I have carrots.

Wally meanwhile has been scoffing down his food as quick as he can, then rushing over to where Wayne feeds the ducks and chooks so he can clean up the wheat and layer pellets. With the amount of chickenfeed he’s getting, its a miracle he isn’t laying eggs!

Dancer is being a real girl., playing one boy off the other. Poor Ben is the one getting picked on I think. Maybe I made a mistake encouraging Wayne to get her… Poor Benjamin… I may separate him a while. We haven’t had time to work with him at all lately. I’m really hoping we can get back to it soon. I’m eager to ride him.


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