Before and after

This is the before photo of the vegie patch. Not before-before. When it was 4 beds of weeds. About halfway through the weeding process, 2.5 beds done, 1.5 to go.

This is the vegie patch a couple of weeks ago, overgrown with growing things that we actually planted on purpose. Well, minus a few that were either eaten by bugs or threw the towel in on their own. The corn is currently almost as tall as I am and the runner beans have grown up the trellis and are sporting red flowers. Who knew.

I’ve just been feeling so lazy lately… I have a ton of things I need to or want to get done over the holidays, but I just can’t motivate myself to do anything at all. Maybe I just need a rest for a few days, then I’ll get back into it.

…That’s what I’m telling myself.

Wayne’s daughter Caitlin is visiting us and its nice to get to know her. So far Wayne’s taught her how to drive the 4×4 up on the hill, we plan to put her on Ben for his first time being ridden and I think he’s planning to get her to chop down a tree after that, then stock us up with firewood for winter.

Ok. Only joking. Caitlin can’t ride, and though we’d love to get someone onto Ben who’s lighter than us (Wayne suggested I buy a clydesdale!) I don’t think it’d be fair to use Caitlin as a guinea pig. As for the chainsaw, I don’t think anyone can prize that baby out of Wayne’s hands…

I’m actually really looking forward to getting back to working with the horses today. It’s been weeks. And I have a new saddle to play with. We bought a hybrid – that’s a confused saddle, not quite Australian stock, not quite western. Its a Wintec so its as light as a feather (compared to Wayne’s western). I’m hoping Ben will like it. I believe my butt will like it fine.

I really can’t wait to start riding Ben. And Wally sure needs the exercise. All the horses are round as a whole number thanks to the shortage of grass around here. A visitor thought Wally was pregnant! Besides the grass and the hard feed they all get (cut down to one meal a day now), Wally scoffs the best bits out of his feed bin, then runs up and eats the chook feed too. Its a miracle he isn’t laying eggs with the amount of layer pellets he’s eating!

We could use the eggs.

So, they could use the exercise. As could we… Seems like lately we mark time between one meal and the next. Right now I have scones in the oven… with strawberry jam and that double thick cream you can stand a knife up in. YUM.

And tonight is pizza and movie night. I’m making pizza and we got dvds in New Norfolk. Wayne got 3 movies about centurions, romans, swords and heads being chopped off. I got Red Dog and Water for Elephants. You know which I’ll be angling to watch tonight.

Let’s hope the scone are edible. First time I ever made scones they were hard as rocks. This time I’m making them using a Country Women’s packet. Just add water it said. Easy as pie. We’ll see.

Better go check the oven.


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