a little bit of washing

Its been a very productive weekend. Although I didn’t manage to cross much off my ever growing To Do list, I feel like I actually accomplished a lot of things.

We started off today with breakfast on the deck – the weather was perfect today. Warm and sunny but not hot or muggy. A bit of a breeze, but not windy. Gorgeous. I made french toast with bacon, banana and maple syrup. Yum.

Its funny, but years ago I was reading a book by Michael Connelly where the main character, a detective named Harry Bosch, went into a truck stop for breakfast and ordered a short stack with bacon and maple syrup.

I’d never had bacon and maple syrup together before. I’d never had bacon with pancakes before for that matter. I thought ‘OMG! Bacon and maple syrup, together! What a wonderful idea!’

I couldn’t wait to try it. A couple of years ago I went to a cafe for breakfast (something I lurve doing but rarely get to do) and guess what they had on the menu? French toast with banana, bacon and maple syrup!

I became addicted. For a while I made it every weekend. In fact I made it so often I got sick of it. Today was the first time in months I’d made it and it was like meeting an old friend.

With such a great start to the day, its not surprising things went well. I put on some washing, removed the glass from the new old front door. Hung out the washing. Put on more washing. Cleaned up the broken glass. Knocked the top off the old table I’m doing up for the kitchen. Hung up washing. Put on more washing. Cleaned up broken bits of plywood. Pulled apart the table frame from the top frame. Hung out more washing. Put on more washing. Sanded the table legs. Straightened the crooked table leg. Glued and nailed the table frame back on. Hung out the washing. Put on another load of washing. Went to the supermarket to buy ingredients for borscht, picked up chaff for the horses. Brought in all the washing and tossed it onto an armchair in the living room. Chopped up the vegies and put them on to boil for the borscht.

You get the picture.

I had a productive day. Among all the washing I managed to make chocolate muffins and borscht (which I’d never made before and only tasted once before in my life) out of the excess beetroots we had.

I would have vacuumed the living room and tidied it up as I did the kitchen and office, but I couldn’t open it to change bags. Its a sign. No more cleaning for today!

I think I deserve a break. An ice cream and some TV is in order.

However, before I go I’ll share these photos of a couple of my old drawings. I found these while looking for something else yesterday.


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