making pretty – master bedroom

As part of making my house in Fentonbury livable, the bedroom has had a bit of a makeover. I’ve taken up some furniture and bedding from here in order to make it pretty. I made the word art frame specifically for this room, and the pillow, to tie in the reds I’ve used in the decor. I seem to have a thing about red at the moment… My little pig in the red jumper fits right in. Love that little guy.

You can read about how I made the artwork here.

The bedside table is a little 60’s cabinet I found at an op shop a few years ago. It had a horrible laminate top which overhung the cabinet sides and those angled legs. I replaced the legs with solid little straight legs and lined the top with tongue in groove pine. The glass door is original but the brass knob was a new addition.

I love the swirly 50’s carpet in this bedroom, though I know not a lot of people do. Then again, I love the big old rose carpets of the period as well. I saw them in a carpet shop not long ago and am so tempted… hehehe.

An old wicker chair, formerly used on the porch, sits in the corner of the bedroom creating a cosy corner to sit. My repurposed box/side table/bookcase on wheels next to the chair keeps books handy. It doesn’t really fit in that room, but it will do for now.

I have a million more projects on the go, one of them might suit the room better once its finished. And if I ever get to work from home more, I’m sure I’ll be making a lot more items of furniture for my home.

For now I’m taking it easy. Last night I had a terribly sore middle left hand finger (and I was not doing rude signs with it!) so I didn’t do much. This morning the finger was swollen. Its not as sore, but its twice the size at the second knuckle. Who knows what I did. Maybe it was making semolina pudding the way mom used to make it. That frypan is darn heavy when its full.

Maybe it was cooking dinner – a mango curry which stained my dishes yellow.

If it was either of those then I have a good excuse for not making dinner tonight! 🙂


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