here little piggy

It all began with a cute little graphic I found of a fat little pig. I thought “I can do something with that!”
I had this piece of tassie oak (some of our leftover mud room cladding). I had already sanded it knowing i would use it but not knowing what for yet. 
The piggy was perfect. I knew this piece of wood wanted to be a little wall plaque with a vase.
First I transferred the image onto the wood using the same method I used for the Fresh Eggs sign.
Then I finished it off using a sharpie and gave it a couple of coats of water based varnish.
I had a few different sized bands (I have no idea what their official name is, plumbers use them). I also have a collection of jars. I found a jar and a clamp that suited eachother. This particular clamp didn’t have holes in it so I had to drill a hole to screw it onto the timber.
Once that was done, the clamp mounted and the jar attached securely,  I drilled holes in the timber and hung it with an old piece of wire.
A few blue marguerites from my pitiful winter garden … I wish I had big flowering hydrangeas. A hydrangea would look so good in this little vase. In summer maybe.

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