life as we know it

It’s Saturday night and I have to tell you, I’m disappointed in myself. I had all these plans. I’d made notes and updated my To Do list with things I thought I could finish today, and things I could start…

I had a grooming appointment in the morning, but that wouldn’t slow me down. Then I had another one. That’s ok, I took it in stride. I did the dogs. And the mechanic came over and fixed my car.

By the time I finished the dogs, went and got the paper, checked on the pumpkin soup and had a sandwich, it was 2.30pm. Given it’s dark around 5pm, I didn’t have much daytime left.

I took some photos of projects I had finished. I put a stopper behind the toilet door. I then went to the workshop with the best intentions. I had planned to cut up the old timber I’d put in there to dry out and paint it. Instead I did 5min work on a garden project, had a look around to find things I had on my list – I found some, gave up on others.

That was the extent of my work.

I told myself it was too cold to work out there and I would work in the house. After finishing the soup I decided I was too tired and would be better off watching Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and Private Practice. I tape them, then indulge myself watching them the next day minus the ads!

Time in front of the TV aside, I haven’t had an unproductive day, but I just could not get into working. I can’t find the energy today. My sore hands aren’t helping either.

Its really getting me down. I probably have carpal tunnel in my right wrist but that’s not so bad right now. What’s bothering me now is my left hand. I’ve had pain in my left thumb for days now. Before that it was my left middle finger. What’s going on?

I a blood test to see if I had arthritis and the results were negative. Celebrations all round. Then the doc told me that only tells her that I don’t have one type of arthritis. So basically, its still 50% that I may have arthritis.

I’m actually really worried. I work with my hands all the time – grooming, making things, home decorating and rennovating. If I can’t do that stuff any more… its everything I love doing. Having one sore wrist is bad enough.

Maybe having a sore right wrist for so long and compensating with the left is the cause of the problems in my left hand. I don’t know. All I know is that I’m over this and want my hands to be happy and healthy and strong so I can use them!

To be honest, what worries me most is that I may not be able to continue grooming for long if this keeps up. My dream to cut back on work and grooming from home goes up in smoke if my hands are stuffed.

Enough of that. Lets talk about something else.

Its been pretty cold lately. I took these photos the other day when we had the biggest frost this year and the fog didn’t lift all day.

Its quite pretty actually. Wayne, of course, complains about the cold… Here he is getting ready to go out and feed the horses in the morning.

 Remember the beautiful kitchen table I made? Well, this is how it looks most of the time.

Ok. To be fair. Not all the time. Now and then Wayne actually clears off his tools so we can eat on it.

Montana has a bite on her neck. She just won’t learn… She had a go at Mischa and she’s the one with the war wounds. It was all over visiting kids and attention. Sigh. Its not bad, one tooth mark. I just hope it doesn’t become infected like last time.

There have also been more sick and dead wallabies. I walked around the top paddock and found 2 more dead ones down near the creek. Then I found one which died trying to burrow under the little dog house we put by the dam for the ducks.

That was an experience I’d rather never have to repeat, pulling that poor rotting thing out from under there to get rid of it… yeeeech.

There was another one which didn’t seem to pay attention to the barking dogs and stayed out after daylight. I caught it on the 2nd day and took it to the vet. Turns out it was blind and had neurological damage due to toxoplasmosis. They had to put it down.

“Toxoplasmosis is a zoonosis. T. gondii infection can cause abortion and foetal abnormalities in pregnant women and encephalitis in immunocompromised people.”

It causes almost certain death in wallabies, miscarriages in sheep and spells trouble to pregnant women.

Toxo is spread by feral cats. Well, cats in general, but there are a lot of feral cats around. People who have cats and let them roam, or who dump unwanted cats into the bush are responsible for this. Toxo can affect humans and other animals, but native wildlife is much more susceptible to it.

I’m not a cat hater. I just don’t have cats of my own and I don’t want one. I believe cat owners should have to register their cats and neuter them, just like dog owners need to register (and hopefully neuter) their dogs. And cats should have cat runs and not be allowed to roam free.

Toxoplasmosis is a horrible, slow death and wallabies are apparently dying all over the place, the vet said.

Seeing a wallaby out in daylight is a sure sign that something’s wrong.

I do have a good story though. Thankfully. One day last week I saw a very cute little dog on the side of the road. He was a schnauzer mix with a schnauzer haircut. He was timid but I managed to get close and pat him. He had a tag which said Burnie Council on it and no one on the street knew who owned him. He looked like he was about 18-24 months old.

I took him to the local vet and left it to them to chase up his owners. I had to go to work. They called me later in the day. His owners were on holiday in Hobart and he’d gotten out of the place they were staying. They were very happy he was safe and they said to pass on their thanks. I was glad the little boy was reunited with his parents.

So, I’ll leave you with another photo of Montana and Romeo back to back. It makes my heart smile.


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