a box for my angel

Its been over a year since I lost my Billybear. He was my baby boy. His registered name was Toniri Angel by My Side and he was the angel by my side for almost 13 years.

When I brought him home from the pet crematorium I got a small craft box for his ashes as I’d done for Scooter’s ashes the year before. The plan had been to decorate the box in a way that meant something to me, then keep him next to me on the bedside table. Billy always liked to sleep near me.
Unfortunately, nothing came to me, so the box stayed plain until a couple of weeks ago when I suddenly had an inspiration.
One of my favourite songs of all time is Garth Brooks’ The Dance. I have it on my website on the page of dogs I’ve loved an lost on my website. To see the page click here.
I realised it was the perfect thing for Billy’s box.
So I went about getting it done. I printed out the lyrics to the song in a font I liked. Using tea, I stained the pages to look old, then cut out panels. I glued those onto the box using a mix of PVA glue and water.
Once that was dry, I gave the box a couple of coats of clear water based varnish to seal it.
Without intending to I ended up with a crackle finish. I’d read (on Pinterest) that you can create a crackle finish with glue, but it said the glue had to be tacky. My glue was very dry. Still… it crackled.
To finish the box (and hide the imperfect fit of the paper around the lock) I used some burnt umber artists acrylic and a cloth. I dabbed the paint on, then rubbed it off. It gave the box a more aged (and rusty lock) appearance.
Billybear is back in his box on my bedside table now. Next to me, where he belongs.
Hope you like your little box Billybear.

4 thoughts on “a box for my angel

  1. It turned out so gorgeous! You should make and sell those on etsy! Your photos are good enough to sell the boxes and since I know Billy, it makes them even more special. His story, your photos and that song…perfect together.


  2. I featured you today at the Knick of Time Tuesday Vintage Party, Zefi! You should add a Google Friend Connect button to your blog so more blogger people can follow you!!

    Angie @ Knick of Time


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