good morning sleepyhead mirror

I just love old window frames. And old doors. And old timber.
Ok, I love anything old, chippy, rusty and generally distraught.
I have a window/mirror in the bedroom already…

…but when I saw this beauty in a tip shop a long time ago, I just had to have it.

It sat in the shed for an awfully long time, buried somewhere between dog crates and ununsed luggage. Then one day while looking for something else I rediscovered it and thought the time was right to give it a makeover.
It needed a little work. There was a split in the frame and a few nail holes I had to fill. And of course it had no glass in it.
I liked the colour as it was. Bits of blue and yellow paint showing through from different paint jobs over the years. In most cases I prefer to keep the original paint if I can. Still, it needed something extra.
A shelf to hold bits and pieces!
The window frame itself is kingbilly pine – rare Tasmanian timber which was used a lot many years ago for window frames. I couldn’t get any of that so I did the next best thing. I used what I had on hand – some treated pine from out deck extension.
I cut it to the right size then did my artist thing – I mixed up paint till I matched the colours on the frame, painted it and distressed it to match.
I think I did a pretty good job. When you look at it, you can hardly tell the paint job on the shelf isn’t as old as the one on the window frame!
I had to be creative to attach the shelf… I used two old brackets I happened to have in my ‘bracket’ box (see? these old bits and pieces I collect DO come in handy!). They were the perfect colour, having been painted over in a pale blue at some stage.
I attached them upside down. I think that gives the whole thing a touch of crazy DIY-er. Last I added 2 heavy duty eye hooks for fixing it to the wall.

I got the glazier who put the glass in our front door to put a mirror in for me.

Here is the finished product. (please forgive my terrible handwriting!)

I have added a couple of hooks underneath the mirror as well for hanging stuff like towels or coiled pieces of rope.

Cause you never know when you might need a coiled piece of rope.

You can see where I haven’t touched the original paint or where its been sanded off. I wanted the kingbilly pine to be visible.
This window mirror is currently on display in a local shop for sale, but I’m torn over bringing it home to use in our bathroom (when we ever get around to the much needed makeover in there), or putting it in my Etsy shop…
I guess time (or my empty wallet) will make the decision for me soon enough.


1 thought on “good morning sleepyhead mirror

  1. We have a similar window that we added 2 shelves to a few years ago. I used it in the kitchen at our old house, but haven't found a place for it in my new house yet. I love yours!! I really love that chippy, white wood backdrop too!

    Angie @ Knick of Time


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