31 days topic

After much deliberation, I have decided what my 31 Day topic will be. I figured the only way to post for 31 days straight is if its about something I already love doing, right? Makes sense.
So my topic for 31 Days will be Wishful Thinking.
aka Everything I Planned to Do But Didn’t.
aka Crossing Things Off the To Do List.
Or Real Life if you prefer…
It’ll be about life at Wind Dancer Farm – with all its ups and downs, dog hair, mess and unwashed dishes (I sure hope my mother doesn’t read my blog!), dogs, horses, chickens, ducks and more rainwater than we have use for. But mainly about my our ongoing battles projects, new projects, planned projects, unfinished projects and dream projects.
For the 31 Days of October I hereby promise to post daily about the simple (complicated, frustrating, funny) things in our daily lives which make Wind Dancer Farm a home.
So what’s different, you ask? Well, the fact that I’ll be posting daily about things I planned to do but didn’t quite manage as well as things I did do.
I wish I could say I’ll post about interesting projects every day, but real life ain’t like that. You can’t be in control of everything all the time, much as I would love to. For example: a chipped filling last night which necessitated an emergency dentist appointment today. 
Life is unpredictable and the best laid plans are only there as a rough guideline to what you’d like to do today if all goes well, the stars align and you held your tongue just right in the corner of your mouth when you wrote your To Do Today list.

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