day 1 – 31 days of wishful thinking

31 Days of What I Wished I Got Done

I wish I could post the To Do List below as my 31 Day topic and actually cross each and every project off the list by November 1.

Projects to finish:
  • 4 wire dangles for a customer order
  • memory box which was going really well till I stuffed it up
  • put up a shelf I’ve been working on in the toilet
  • finish living room curtains I started over a year ago
  • memory tin I haven’t stuffed up yet
  • finish sorting items to donate to the work garage sale
Projects to start (and finish would be good):
  • make tea light holders for the porch for summer
  • organise hanging baskets for around the house
  • fix and put up an old chandelier for the bedroom
  • make a hanging light for Wayne’s desk
  • clean up some old metal baskets and find a home for them in the house
  • re-make a drawer unit into a bench for the mudroom
  • make a hat rack for mudroom
  • make a coat rack for mudroom
  • make a small box to hold mobile phones & chargers
  • use the flour sacks to make kitchen curtains and cushion covers
  • make nifty curtain tiebacks (or rather, ask Wayne to make them for me cause this one involves metal work)
  • find a use for some fairy lights I have
  • make a broken suitcase into a side table
  • finish my tip shop chairs
  • fix and paint my gate leg table
  • make a shelf under the kitchen window for herbs
  • paint the mudroom
Big projects: 
  • remove office carpet
  • remove linen cupboard from LR WHOO HOO!!!! starting my 31 days with one item crossed off!
  • paint the toilet walls
  • make the smallest room into a walk-in wardrobe
  • paint the house – outside
  • stain the deck
  • repaint most of the house inside, cause I changed my mind on the colours.
How’s that for a killer of a To Do List? (and that doesn’t even include some of the bigger projects!)

PS. The 31 Dayers are hosted by the Nester. My link is #804 and there are over 1,100 links. Go check it out.

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