day 24 – its shameful

I wish I could say this was the home of a hoarder I happened to know.

Alas, its my office.

What happened was I had to pile stuff when I decided to re-make Wayne’s office space in the living room. I had to take a desk and bookcase out… so I had to put things somewhere and the floor seemed as good a place as any.

There’s an ottoman you can barely see buried under the piles of stuff, its meant to be a visitor’s seat in the office. It basically holds the fabric up otherwise Barney will lie all over it and then I’ll have curtains covered in dog hair.

The other stuff… well, some of its projects in almost-progress. Some of it is wishful projects. The rest is stuff I need to sort through and find a place for.

As I said, I got rid of a desk and bookcase from in here so now I’m down some storage.

And stackable surfaces…

I have, however, organised a new, improved lot of storage… I’ve bought an old kitchen dresser (a cupboard) from a friend who’s moving. Its gorgeous. I have another similar to it in the living room. I need to make room for it in the office (by pushing aside piles of stuff) and then I’ll be able to sort and stash.

Meanwhile, the problem is I haven’t told Wayne about it. He’ll flip his lid. Another piece of furniture.

Maybe I can sneak it in without him noticing… hm… He doesn’t come into the office that often… maybe he won’t see if for a few weeks and by then I can say “What? That old thing? I’ve had that for ages!”

What I did today:
I had a LONG day at work, ending with a meeting after work.
Bought chicken for the dogs and spent what seemed like hours up to my elbows in raw chicken frames, bagging them up into one day meals to freeze.
Went to a work Trivia Night. We came second. Always come second…
I downloaded and installed Google Chrome cause I was sick of the problems with Firefox.
I moved my desk in a fit of rage when the internet and FF kept playing up, so I basically just added to the mess in the office.

What I didn’t do:
Cross much off my list. Seems I added more just to cross it off and that doesn’t count.


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