day 26 – wedding decorations

Yes, yes. A day late. I know. I know. I had started this last night but I couldn’t get photos till this morning. So live with it!
I don’t know if I mentioned that our friends Kelly and Simon are getting married today. They asked me for help decorating the church. 
I’d tried to get into the church a week ago to see about the decorations they’d arranged to use… the church is always open but there was no one there. And I had no idea how to find someone to ask. I’m greek orthodox and our churches are different, as are our wedding ceremonies. Not that I’d know how to decorate for a greek wedding either…
 Anyway, I thought I’d make a few things for the wedding to use at the church or the reception… Whichever worked. In the end, thanks to the endless amount of free time I have, I only managed to do two things – a heart wreath which I think I can place at the head table at the reception. Or on the cake table. Or on the door…
I used willow twigs, wire and jute string to make the heart, then reinforced it with raffia bows. I added flower decorations, a bought (and Zefi-fied) wicker heart, a jute tassel I made with a small clockface and rusty key and some pearls. I really want to add a tag which has their names and wedding dates on it but I dont have any tags! If I can get one this morning in town I’ll add that to the wreath.
 The other thing I made was a small sign I had planned to put at the door to the church, as a kind of welcome to people as they walked in.
 I made this out of an old sign which I’d sanded back to resurface. I used an image of hand made paper with flower petals in it and created the sign in InDesign.
I then glued it to the timber using spray adhesive (I get too many bubbles with PVA glue) and then covered it all in some satin varnish for protection.
I added a rusty wire heart which I fixed to the sign using one of my pre-rusted eye hooks. Unfortunately there’s nowhere to hang the sign at the door so I’m going to have to compromise. I’m taking in a small plate stand to put it on at a table near the door.
Another thing crossed off the list.
Gotta run. I have to get going this morning. Tons to do. Tell you later!
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