day 31 – a review

Day 31…. Its finally over. The pressure is off! Now I can just go on living my life as if I’m superwoman without the added stress of blogging about something semi-interesting every day!
So lets review. Here’s the original list as it looks now.
Projects to finish:
  • 4 wire dangles for a customer order  Done. I need to contact the lady.
  • memory box which was going really well till I stuffed it up More or less finished.
  • put up a shelf I’ve been working on in the toilet The shelf is done… its not up yet cause I have to figure out how to put it up.
  • finish living room curtains I started over a year ago Not even started.
  • memory tin I haven’t stuffed up yet 
  • finish sorting items to donate to the work garage sale The garage sale has been and gone and I’ve found more stuff I could have donated.
Projects to start (and finish would be good):
  • make tea light holders for the porch for summer Not started
  • organise hanging baskets for around the house I bought chains… its a start.
  • fix and put up an old chandelier for the bedroom No. Its still in the casita gathering dust.
  • make a hanging light for Wayne’s desk  Changed my mind so crossed that off.
  • clean up some old metal baskets and find a home for them in the house Technically its half done, I cleaned up one of the baskets, the galvanised one I’ve used in the office to store objects for inventive dangles.

  • re-make a drawer unit into a bench for the mudroom I’ve pulled it apart and balked at the work involved. But I will do it. One day…
  • make a hat rack for mudroom No rush. The mud room is far from finished.
  • make a coat rack for mudroom Ditto. ie. Not done yet.
  • make a small box to hold mobile phones & chargers Still in the planning stages.
  • use the flour sacks to make kitchen curtains and cushion covers Not started. This needs to be done soon as I want to include those in the market stall I’m having in early December.
  • make nifty curtain tiebacks (or rather, ask Wayne to make them for me cause this one involves metal work) Eh. I’ve totally forgotten about this one.
  • find a use for some fairy lights I have The fairy lights are sitting here, waiting.
  • make a broken suitcase into a side table The suitcase is now empty and waiting for me to decide whether I should try to mend it or should upcycle it.
  • finish my tip shop chairs They’ve been put on the backburner since I need to make market stuff first.
  • fix and paint my gate leg table Ditto.
  • make a shelf under the kitchen window for herbs I have the bits. Just need to put it together.
  • paint the mudroom Well… realistically I need a ceiling in there before I can paint the walls, but the window has a frame now so that’s a step in the right direction.
Big projects: 
  • remove office carpet Not yet.
  • remove linen cupboard from LR I did this before the 31 days started.
  • paint the toilet walls Not yet.
  • make the smallest room into a walk-in wardrobe Still a way to go on that one.
  • paint the house – outside Waiting for the weather to be reliably good. I’ll be waiting forever so I’ll do it starting this month. Maybe.
  • stain the deck Ditto.
  • repaint most of the house inside, cause I changed my mind on the colours. Backburner.
Not too bad…

On the other hand, I’ve done a ton of things not on the list:

  • made a wedding present for Kelly and Simon
  • made 2 items for their wedding and for them to keep 
  • decorated the church
  • re-arranged the office furniture
  • bought a cabinet and filled it with my craft stuff
  • tossed the grimy rug from the grooming room and put down lino offcuts from the mud room, making it easier to clean
  • learned how to rust things effectively
  • planted a ton of lavenders and a few other plants and cuttings – some of which are even still alive!
  • made a dispay for my old scissors and shears
  • started quite a few projects for the market stall
  • brought the ironing board into the house and bought a new cover for it so its usable.

So, maybe I didn’t get it all done, but I’m getting there in my own way. The round-about way where I take a step forward, a few steps to the right, a step back, two steps forward, spin around, step sideways and hop to the right.

I’m taking a break now.

I think I reached a point where I’m just so tired… for the last week, at the end of a long day, I’ve had no energy to do anything but watch TV in the evenings.

I need to restore myself so my hands get restless again, then I can start working on stuff as I watch TV like I usually do. I miss my times in ‘the zone’ where I multi-task cause doing just one thing is a waste of time.

Where is SuperZefi?

I want her back!


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