the flower tray

I found this worn and battered tray in my wanderings a while ago and brought it home to the tray hospital for some TLC.
This is what it looked like before:
And this is what it looks like now:
The colours are very soft so the photos were difficult to take but you get the idea.
This is another item coming with me to the market on the weekend. I’m getting there in terms of preparedness… the flyers are printed and cut and I found a cute little box to keep them in. The tags are all printed and aged. I have my wrapping paper and more twine for tying.
All I have left to do is finish off a few projects (or decide to forget them and leave them for the next market!) then tag, price and pack everything going.
And pack a ‘market toolkit’…
I have all the best intentions in the world. I come home from work all geared up to get stuck into it. I have plans buzzing in my head: finish xxx, make more of xxx, check xxx…
But I get home, feed dogs, cook dinner, clean the kitchen, check mail, look at the overflowing laundry hamper, at the living room and its piles washing to put away and the craft mess, the carpet that desperately needs vacuuming… and I lose all my energy.
Instead of crafting and organising I sit down and watch the episode of Bones or Grey’s Anatomy or CSI I taped, then go to bed.
I guess I’ll be doing an all nighter on Friday night.
I’m having some serious headaches lately. I think its a tooth which I got filled not long ago. I saw the doctor and ruled out ear infection. Now its down to either TMJ (long name for sore jaw joint from clenching – which I do in my sleep) or a dying tooth… maybe even an abscessed tooth. Yet when I saw the dentist (after the filling but before the headaches cranked it up to ‘killer’ status) he swore there was nothing wrong with that tooth or any in the vicinity, nothing showing on the xrays.
I’m popping pain killers like they’re going out of fashion but I think I’ll have to bite the bullet and call the dentist today and get in to see someone the earliest they can get me in.
Off to take another pill.

1 thought on “the flower tray

  1. Beautiful tray, Zefi! I can relate to your “best intentions” and your headaches 😦 Don't lose too much sleep, I can't wait to see your stall on Sat! Xo


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