beater halter hangers

Am I the only one who remembers Tom Hanks in Bachelor Party chasing his girlfriend around with the egg beater?
I LOVE Tom Hanks.
But this post isn’t about who I find attractive (though if you really want to know, James Stewart, Jensen Ackles from Supernatural, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, also from Supernatural incidentally… )
Deep breath. Back down to earth.
In my “tackling the tack room” post I mentioned the beaters. And about re-using them to make a hanger for the halters for our tack room.
See, I’d been collecting these babies for a while thinking “one day I’ll do something with them”.
I used a couple in the mud room for hanging hats. Wayne used one on one of his robots. I spray painted some white. But for the most part they just lay there taking up space and not justiying their existance.
Last weekend when I ran out of hooks and anything bendy to use for hanging up tack I looked at the beaters once more and said “your time has come!”
The only hanging space left in the tack room by that point was the wall along the left hand side right near the door to the corral (or small horse yard… really a small sheep yard considering the casita was a shearing shed in its previous life).
Its a wall with exposed studs and no real place to hang things, so I put another of my handy timber slats up (leftover treated pine from our decking rennovation).
I then drilled holes in the pine, all the way through, for the various size beaters I had. Each beater had to be pushed (or pounded) in till it wedged snuggly.
Once done I hung up our collection of halters so they’re easy to grab as you head out the door.
And just so you don’t think I’ve forgotten Wayne’s input into the hanging racks, here is a photo of one of the bent spoon hooks he made.
I like the way the tack room is organised now:
– saddles ready to ride on their trestles
– extra girths, stirrup leathers & reins along the wacky wallpapered wall
– bridles near the saddle on a timber slat
– saddle blankets over saddles to keep off bird poop
– horse rugs airing out over the fences and slats.
My mind is at peace in there.
Next job: tackle the workshop area…

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