the upcoming trip and my blog

I thought I’d start preparing the blog for my upcoming trip to Greece. Things will be different for a while so I wanted to prepare you for the type of thing you can expect while I’m away.

For one thing you’ll see so many photos like this that you’ll want to strangle me slowly:
You’ll also see plenty like this:
You’ll see photos of scrumptious food, read to eat:
Or food not-quite so ready (note the good use of barbed wire!):
In other words, you’ll see the kind of holiday photos you’d expect to see from a trip to the Greek islands.
But, being me, you’ll also see photos like these – slightly different, interesting and offbeat – rejoicing in colour, texture and garden implements:
I love the old, the worn, the falling down. As much as I hate seeing old buildings deteriorating and falling apart, they make for such beautiful photos:
I love the crumbling stone buildings with their chipped and discoloured whitewash, the faded paint… and the new signs:
There will also be photos of cute, fun examples of DIY and re-purposing, like this old shutter menu board:
Or these gorgeous old metal windchimes:
And of course things like this cute little rocking horse outside a shop on the market street:
You’ve been warned. 
Did you know my blog started as a way to keep in touch with everyone when I went to Greece 3 years ago? It was about the holiday, my family, my memories and finding myself. Then the trip was over and I started a new phase in my life, moving to the farm with Wayne and the blog transformed into a diary of our lives on the farm and my growing obsession with DIY, craft and decorating.
In preparation for the trip I’ve changed my blog header… That’s an old door I photographed on my last trip. Love those old door latches, they are so Paros to me. I really must see if I can find some to bring back.
Man… I hope I find all kinds of goodies to bring back. 
I’m gonna need a bigger boat suitcase. 
This trip I’ll probably share photos and stories like I did last time, but I’ll also be keeping a keen eye out for the type of things I’ve come to love so much: chippy paint, old doors and windows, latches, locks and handles, old tools… 
And hopefully beg, borrow and steal buy as much stuff as I can carry justify afford to bring back.
So, are you with me? Are you up to meeting my wonderful, crazy, funny family? 
If you are, then stay tuned!
Only a couple more weeks before I go!

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