revamped footstool

Yes, yes. I know its been a long time between posts. To be honest I’ve just been too wrapped up in my own little world to want to get online, much less blog.
But here I am… sharing a project from work.
Some of you already know I work as a disability support worker as my ‘real job’ to support my art habit. I’m lucky enough to be able to do some creative work in that role with some of the guys I work with.
For instance, this repurposed footstool is a project I’ve been working on with some young men in one of those programs.
The aim of the program is to find, fix up and revamp items found in tip shops in order to develop the guy’s skills and produce something which can be sold to buy materials for the next project.
This footstool had been hanging around in the store room for a long time. It was just crying out to be reborn into something pretty…
We went looking for bits of dowel, finials and knobs. We drilled holes, attached knobs and stained dowel. We painted it a nice light blue colour, then sanded, repainted and re-sanded…
The lowly footstool was reborn into a cute, handy little kitchen shelf. 
Or bathroom shelf.
Or craftroom shelf.
I took it home to dress it up and photograph it cause the guys really do want to sell it. They’re proud of it and rightly so. I think it looks terrific!
The rods come out so you can put rolls of paper on them instead of hanging tea towels or pots and pans. Its both useful and pretty.
We’ve entered it in the Kingborough Salvaged Art competition and I’m posting it on Facebook. It is definitely for sale. We’ll be selling it through a silent auction.
If you’re interested in buying this one-of-a-kind piece of recycled art, please contact me on and put in your bid. I’ll be keeping track of all bids and at the end of the competition, on October 6th, I’ll announce the winner on Facebook and by private email.
The money raised through the sale of this masterpiece will be used to create MORE masterpieces in the future!
Go on! Make a bid!


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