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 Its been a while since I last made something for the house.
Well… I made the LP side table, but I made that a couple of weeks ago. I’ve just been so busy with other stuff. But yesterday I got a bee in my bonnet and started 4 projects. I’ve finished two of them but can only share one today as I don’t have photos of the other one yet.
This is my new paper storage solution! I was inspired by this on Pinterest. I had an old stool with its top broken off and I’ve been meaning to make this little beauty for quite a while.
All I did was clean it up, I liked the chippy paint look. Then I got some burlap, some of the small cotton bags which came in the lot of flour bags I bought a while ago which I made cushions and kitchen curtains out of, my staple gun and got to work.
That’s the manual staple gun… not the air powered one. Love that sucker, but really for a job this small ‘Zefi powered’ was enough.
Now, of course, I’ve got my left thumb all wrapped up again. In vet wrap. Yep. Love the stuff. Turns out its just as good for humans as for pets! I really was sick of the physio wrapping my thumb in sticky stuff that took the first five layers of skin with it when it came off.
I love this vet wrap stuff so much I’ve just bought 3 more rolls of it on ebay. I always used to have vet wrap for the dogs and for wrapping poodle ears on show days, but I’m down to the dregs of my last roll. A 10cm dark blue roll. Since I have to cut it in half to strap up my thumb I’ve ordered the 5cm rolls in pink, purple and red.

Meanwhile, back to the matter at hand….
I turned the stool upside down cause I liked the feet being on top. I sewed the cotton bags to the burlap, then stapled the burlap to the sides of the stool.
Lastly I put a bit of masonite underneath, fitted some small castors and voila.
I now have somewhere to put my rolls of paper instead of shoving them willy-nilly into a crate under the desk and scramble to catch them every time I knock the crate and they spill out, unravelling all over the floor.
And I didn’t just make stuff. I did some tidying and sorting as well. I don’t know if I mentioned this, but when the poodles went possum hunting while I was away, they did some major redecorating in the small shed I use for garden storage, the ride on mower, brushcutter and the overflow of stuff I will ‘get to one day’ and can’t fit in my workshop.
Today I tackled that and cleaned it out. Threw out a couple of mouse infested suitcases. Sorted boxes and crates from wire baskets and metal boxes. Stacked my old frames neatly. Found things I’d forgotten I had. Re-acquainted myself with the amount of projects I have, waiting to be tackled.
I actually love having piles of stuff everywhere. When I’m looking for that ‘something’ for a particular project, I just go looking through the sheds. Its like going tip shopping but free!
I started looking for more chickens (since one hen ain’t gonna provide the eggs we need) and geese for Wayne. I can find chickens on gumtree… but very few geese! Who knew they’d be so hard to find!
I’ve also started getting my gear ready for my first attempt at running a workshop on making stuff from found objects. My office looks, once again, like a herd of wildebeest lived in here for a week. Not harmoniously either.
However, I’m not feeling too bad about it. I heard on TV a week or so ago that the more creative a person is, the messier their desk is.
I am INCREDIBLY creative. My mess flows over my desk, pools on the floor and spreads out onto the coffee table in the living room. With splashes in the kitchen, on bookcases and even the deck.
In my ‘bee in bonnet’ mood today, I also got a haircut (short short short!), bought some embroidery thread and picked up my cow painting from the gallery. I love it but I seriously don’t have enough room for that much work in this house. Not enough walls. I need to sell it… or…
I’m gonna need a bigger house!
Anyway, I feel great having actually done a few new things around here! I really am happiest when I’m doing stuff for the house.
Wayne is already dreading my upcoming living room makeover… first the living room… then the whole house!
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3 thoughts on “paper storage

  1. Thanks guys. Yes, I left the sacks open to form pockets for smaller stuff. There are two long pockets (bank deposit bags) and 2 rolled oat bags. The taller ones hold short skinny rolls of paper like contact.


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