the view from the couch

I’m going crazy.

I could handle being stuck on the couch if I could sit up. I can sit for hours and do creative things.

What’s killing me is not being able to sit. There’s only so much you can do in 5-10min bursts of sitting or leaning over the keyboard (leaning is probably not recommended).

So, how did this happen?

Well, I had an unfortunate incident at work while packing for a move which included a slip, a fall and a jolt to my spine. The physio explained that its perfectly normal to be stiff and sore after something like that, but what I couldn’t understand is how things could get worse a couple of days later… However he says its totally explainable and can easily happen.

See, after the slip, fall and jolt (doesn’t have the same ring to it as ‘flip, flop and fly’ does it?) I was a bit stiff, had a headache, a kind of reflected pain down my left leg. 

Nothing too bad. Just another day at work, right?

We had a wedding to go to for the weekend so we went.

Have you been to a wedding? I’m sure you have. Its a whole lotta standing around, waiting for the bride to arrive, watching the ceremony, mingling with other guests, then a whole lotta sitting down waiting for courses, listening to speeches, etc.

I got through that without too much discomfort. I had to find spots to sit when I should have been standing, or places to stand when I should have been sitting, but I made it through.

Then on Sunday it was such a beautiful day. I walked around the garden taking photos of the flowers as they start to bloom and grow… and I sat on the cement pad which looks over the paddocks and hugged poodles for a while…

It was so beautiful.

Till I went to stand up.

I was in a world of pain. I could barely walk. I could barely move. I could barely stand up.

Since then I’ve seen the doc again and started seeing a physio. The instructions are: gentle walking, gentle exercises, horizontal or standing, avoid sitting.

Seems the sitting down low aggravated the already compromised area. Since I was ignoring my back it was going to give me something to listen to. A subtle warning to take it easy.


Ok. Not paralysis, but paralysing pain. Same result.

Zefi is incapacitated.


Its like a prison sentence!

On the positive side (he who always looks for the bright side soon gets sore eyes), I’ve finished Game of Thrones and am halfway through the Hunger Games Trilogy.

So, since I have no new creations to share I’ll share some photos of my pitiful garden. I so want a gorgeous cottage garden but I don’t think I’m meant to… for one thing with the rain we’ve had lately I think I need to grow water lilies (or rice), for another I missed out on the gardening gene. Totally.

Warning: these images can be very distressing to those who have an affinity with plants, an ability to garden or knowledge of landscaping.

My beautiful ornamental currant which broke in our gale force winds. This is my second attempt to grow one of these. The only one of 16 cuttings I planted that actually grew.
An almost blooming tiny mexican orange blossum, struggling in the weeds.

The margerite is blooming and seems to be doing well, though its probably in the wrong spot.
Ok. It did seem like a good idea at the time. I had a small bed with a tiny pom pom bush in it (viburnum) so I tossed in some columbines (granny bonnets, aquilegia). Now I think the pom pom bush is gasping for breath…. on the plus side, the columbines are doing well! 🙂

The potato vine is growing well despite the fact that the wind has caused major bedraggling and it has nothing to climb on cause I haven’t finished painting the porch and can’t put a trellis up for it!

The sage bushes are doing well. One better than the other…
The snap dragons are growing well, only lost 2 of those. Victory!
And a surprise! White columbines. Only three years after I put the seeds in the ground! Is that a record? I grew the purple columbines from seeds I collected myself, the white came from a packet in a hardware store. Compare the purple growth to the white…. interesting, n’est pas?
The lone surviving gaura. Its growing. That’s something! (the old chairs are there to protect it from stampeding poodle feet which I believe is the reason the other gaura departed this earth.)
My pathetic clematis… I thought it was dead but it turns out it was just pretending. Still, at this rate it’ll be 15 years before I have a trellis covered in flowers.

At least the rosemary (and mint) seem to like me. Can you base a garden on rosemary and mint?


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