redecorating the casita

When you come home and the poodles greet you with white nails and white noses it can only mean one of two things:

They baked you a cake.


They started redecorating the casita.

I’ll let you guess which one.

Yep. You got it.

The poodles decided they’d put a shelf nook in the hydrobath room for me to keep bottles on.

How thoughtful.

Romeo poses in front of the grooming room door, proudly showing of their handiwork. Pretty neat huh? Almost a perfect square.

Mind you, there are teeth and digging marks all over the place including my fancy dog lead hanger and chalkboard. Sigh.

By the time I took the photo I’d also swept up the piles of plasterboard bits.

So… Anyone want to hire two poodles to do demolition work? They come cheap! All you have to do is drop a small furry critter  (or feathered, they’re not too fussy) into the wall cavity you want removed. They’ll do the rest.

Of course, if someone hadn’t left the casita door open this wouldn’t have happened… I won’t mention any names but it starts with ‘w’ and ends with ‘ayne’.

After the great possum debacle of a few months ago, when we came home to find the contents of my workshop in the casita re-arranged, we decided to keep the door closed when we went to work.

Now, I was very mature about it. I didn’t yell or jump around like a two year old denied a lollypop. Nope. I just laughed and cleaned the mess up.

Then I told Wayne what had happened. The words “Its your fault” never crossed my lips.

They didn’t have to…


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