birdwire cloche becomes a birdcage

I decided to try my hand at a wire cloche. I’ve seen photos of them on Pinterest and I love them.
Let me tell you… its not something I’m going to be rushing out to do again any time soon! Its really not that easy to shape birdwire. There are tin bits of birdwire all over the place in the workshop!
However, it came up ok. I had a wooden base missing its top so I created a wire cloche which would fit in it, then added a broken drawer pull as a handle to the top.
This is what it looks like with a photo in it.

It was okay.

Not great.

Just okay.

I wasn’t entirely happy with it.

So I did some more work on it. For one thing, I found the perfect  base for it. A very old, discoloured filigree silver dish. It must have held a cystal bowl at some stage. Anyway, it was perfect.

Goodbye wooden base, hello gorgeous silver base.

Now it was a birdcage, not a cloche.

So, what does a birdcage need? A perch… and a bird!

I’d seen these gorgeous little fat birds made of fabric on Pinterest but I seriously didn’t want to sew. So I made up my own birdie pattern and made it out of felt – I cut up a piece of wet felted ‘fabric’ I’d made, then felted colours over it to create a colourful little bird.

Here’s the finished product…

Don’t you just love the typewriter? A friend of mine found it on the side of the road on a hard rubbish collection day and had to fight off 2 guys to get it for me! What a friend!

Its all rusty, the bits are kind of welded together and no parts move, but isn’t it great? I think it’ll look great with the right plant growing around it on the porch. If I can find the right plant for the porch… Only succulents can survive summer on our porch!


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