let the games begin – kitchen update

You know the saying?
If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong.
We haven’t even started yet and we’re already starting to hit snags.
Yesterday morning I went into Hobart for a few things and picked up a slab of concrete to sit the hot water cylinder on when we move it. It was at the front of the house when we bought here, then when we built the front porch, it ended up being ON the porch. It’ll be moved to the side of the house outside the bathroom window.
I took the antique style knobs I have with me to compare them to the colour of the stove. I thought they were close in colour. I was right. They’re an almost perfect match. Terrific. I can use what I have for the cabinet doors and they’ll tie in with the stove.
Its not a great photo. The laminate sample is Antique White sheen which is a semi gloss finish. That’s what I’ve chosen for the doors. The knob is a bit more cream than it looks in the photo.
I located some drawer pulls on ebay at a great price and purchased them. I now have the hardware for the cabinets and drawers and they’re exactly what I wanted. This is a photo similar to the pulls I ordered. These will go on the drawers.
I was feeling so proud of myself. I was so on top of things!
When I got home I started on the cabinets.
First I moved the microwave to the ‘pantry’ in the entry. I still dislike that rabbit warren but unless I change everything now and make the job bigger than it is, I have to live with it.
I had to make a hole in the back of the pantry (hello hole saw), then I struggled for half an hour to get the plug through the hole and connect it to power.
I managed, with very little injury to myself or others.
I discovered there are a multitude of power points behind the microwave. I gotta give it to the previous owners of this place: they didn’t scrimp on power points!
Then I unscrewed all the visible screws and started taking apart the upper cabinets on the left of the kitchen. Starting with the shelves, then the rest. It was touch and go there for a while. I was pushing, shoving, swinging panels back and forth, and eventually one cabinet came down.
Crashing down might be a better description…
Good news: 
I discovered there’s plaster behind the cabinets and behind the laminate tile sheeting.
The bulkheads are plaster. Easy to remove.
Bad news:
The ceiling and walls don’t exactly meet so there’s a gap up there. Not totally unexpected.
Since I don’t really want any ‘visitors’, I opted to leave part of the 2nd cabinet up there till its time to do the walls.
Our handyman, who’s moving the windows, dropped in this evening. Tomorrow morning he’ll be coming around and helping the plumber move the hot water cylinder. He was here to make sure we turned the hot water cylinder off properly.
Good thing he came around too. 
He said he told me but I never heard it… Apparently we need an electrician to wire the hot water cylinder in to its new place!
So, that ‘two hour’ job just spun out… If I can’t get ahold of an electrician to do the wiring tomorrow we may be taking sponge baths in the hydrobath for a few days.
Also, the handyman discovered that we can’t use the window from the left/mudroom side of the the kitchen in the front. Its the same size as the windows in the living room but it will have to sit higher due to the benchtops, and the porch roof is lower than the kitchen ceiling…
So tomorrow morning I’ll have to call around and see if I can buy an ‘off the rack’ window to suit that spot.
And chase up electricians.
And call my cousin (that’s what I’ll call my ‘almost family’* kitchen designer) to make sure he got my email regarding the kitchen cabinet colour and the solid timber benchtop plans.
*His grandmother and my mother were good friends on Paros when they were younger. That almost makes us family. Heck, given that we’re probably the only people from Paros in the whole of Tasmania, we’re siblings!
Plus I have to go up to Cheeky tomorrow. The vet’s coming out to do the big SNIP. ugh. Poor baby. I’m not sure how I’ll handle it, let alone how HE’LL handle it…
I went up there this afternoon and just sat and fed him carrots and apples and held the rope and lead him around a bit. Yesterday I got him to come and eat a carrot out of my mouth. He’s so darn CUTE. I’ve been building this great relationship based on gentleness and trust, and tomorrow I have to hold him while a vet does unspeakable things to him.
Will he ever forgive me?

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