guitars cadillacs hillbilly music

It didn’t rain on Sunday.

I’m glad I didn’t listen to the voice of laziness and watch tv all afternoon. After cleaning up the mess in the kitchen I got out a paint brush and tackled the porch rails.

I only did the front of the slats and the posts as far as I could reach without getting out a ladder. I figured squatting, bending and ducking behind lavender bushes was enough of a workout for one day.

Squint and imagine the rails painted the same pale grey as the house with white posts and top rail.

It’ll look good.

Of course there would’ve been more contrast if the colour I chose for the house was a bit darker like I thought it was…


Now all I have to do is undercoat the top of the posts, the inside of the rails, the fascia and do two topcoats on it all, and I’ll be done.

Sometime in 2017.

It was fun though, cause when I paint I listen to music and sing out loud. It helps me keep up the pace. I have proof the dogs love me unconditionally. They lay around my feet as I painted.

But the geese complained.

The music brought back memories… I listened to cds I hadn’t listened to for a while. Like BR549.  Little Ramona… That song was dedicated to me by a country band I would go see. I was the punk girl who went hillbilly nuts.

And Dwight, I love that nasally voice.

A favourite dancing tune by Warren Smith…

And of course, the Straight 8s, the best band in the world. Well, Australia anyway. I used to go watch, and dance, to these guys at least once a week. If they were playing in Melbourne, I was there or I was in traction somewhere.

Did I ever mention I was a rockabilly gal? Did I ever mention I also line danced and did the two step? Or that before that I was a punk and a goth? Like little Ramona, I went from army boots and studded belts to ponytails and circle skirts to cowboy hats and boots.

Now I wear a cowboy hat in the garden and work boots to ride.

My how times have changed.


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