spring is in the air

This time of year I get a bug… the gardening bug. I just can’t help myself. Soon as the weather starts to turn nice I start buying plants. Or growing seeds. Or taking cuttings. 

Things I probably should have done earlier in the year…

For the last month or so I’ve had a friend helping me to sort out the garden and even the driveway. I’ve been putting succulents in every kind of container I can find, like these old sieves, and a small watering can. They’ll look spectacular when they grow and fill out.

And how about these caddies I made out of old baking tins and stuff? I took them to a market, they didn’t sell, so I thought hey, why not use them as planters? They look much better now!

And of course there’s the collection on our front step. I got the old rooster cheap cause he was chipped, I put tiny succulents in tin cans, a Twinings tin, some bonsai pots, a coffee pot and of course, the wonderful ammo box.

I just love succulents. I tossed these little guys in a horrible, dry, rocky spot beside the garage where even weeds hestitated to grow. They’re looking wonderful with a few rusty bits around them.

I sure love my galvanised buckets.

The vegetable garden is starting to take shape. We now have one full bed of strawberries and one and a half of raspberries. The plan is to have 2 full beds of raspberries.

Other plants are taking off and flowering. I love my hardenbergia. Its going to make that little corner between two sheds look pretty and not neglected. I got a new azalea as well… hope that likes it there and I don’t just kill it like I do so many things…

If you’re wondering why the pots… well that area gets really wet in winter, so by cutting the bottom off the pot and putting the plant in above the ground I’m working on the theory that the plants won’t drown.

I got a valencia orange tree for my birthday. I’ve put it in a cheap pot for now and have planted a ton of pansies around it and another pot for some pretty colour.

And my gorgeous ornamental current is bushing up and smelling divine.
With M’s help I’ve put in some new cottage garden plants like foxgloves, my lupins are coming back and the columbines are close to blooming. We pulled out some plants which I didn’t like or didn’t like where I’d put them and relocated them. Most of them seem to be coping with the change.
We dug up some daffodils and snow drops from the bottom paddock and relocated them to the driveway. Yeah, wrong time of year for that, but the idea is to eventually have them blooming all along the driveway, not just in the bottom paddock.
I bought some gazanias and we went and dug up more from the road side where they grow wild. I figure anything that can grow wild should manage fine in my driveway.
We also got tons of african daisies to put along the embankment in the yard. That area needs some work before we can plant anything there, but that’s fine. One day I want an embankment full of pink and white daisies.
Life is looking good in the garden right now.

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