felt phone pouches

Well, looks like my ribs aren’t smashed after all. They feel so much better today, they must have just been bruised.
Mind you, the painkillers the doc gave me helped some…
Still, its so good to be able to breath normally again!
I finally got around to taking pics of some phone pouches I’d made. Most of these were made before Christmas as gifts and the last one I made this week for myself.
This one was for a friend named Matthew (hence the M) its my first attempt at making something ‘masculine’… I used a felted grey jumper and some suede fabric to make this one. I used some of the elastic bottom of the jumper for the side of the pouch.

I made this one for my friend Patrice. She’s a cat person. As in, she owns a cat. Well, so does Matthew, but I couldn’t really give a guy a pouch with a cat on it… just didn’t seem right…

The pics aren’t great… I apologise. Somewhere in the mess of the casita is my lightbox. I’ll get it out again one day.
Patrice’s pouch is made from felt squares, tan inside and dark blue outside. I use hair elastics for the ties on most of these.

The one on the left below is made of a piece of felt square on the outside and a bit of felt I wet felted on the inside. Its much thicker than the blue one as my wet felted bits are thicker than bought squares.

FYI The little critter on the outside is meant to be a monster, not a cat. Just so you know.

I rolled the inner lining over at the top and made a simple close with buttons on both sides. I decided to keep that one for myself cause I love the little critter, but my mobile was too long for it. I had to do some surgery and re-make it.

What I did was undo the fold over top, add another piece of the wet felted stuff, back it with some leftover tan, and add the buttons and elastic to the front. I think its much cuter this way.

Then this week I got bored sitting around doing nothing so I made another pouch just ’cause I could.
And cause I never put away all the felting stuff.
I’ve always loved the etch-a-sketch ipad covers and stuff I’ve seen on Pinterest so I made my own.
I used the same felted grey sweater I used for Matthew’s pouch for the body, I even used some of the elasticated knit from the sleeves to make a kind of neck opening.
They may not be the most practical cause you actually have to take the phone out to use it, but they’re fun and they offer a certain amount of protection from rough handling. They also keep the phone safe from scratches when inside a handbag. 
The only thing that concerns me a little is that my poodles have shown a taste for felt and I’m worried that one day one of them might grab the phone in its pouch and think “Yummm, this is nice. Soft on the outside, crunchy on the inside.”

2 thoughts on “felt phone pouches

  1. Hi Zefi, The cell-phone covers that you have featured here are covetable; up-cycled and whimsical and very nicely sewn. My favourite is the cell-phone cover that you revised for yourself is my favourite….so glad your ribs were not broken, but just bruised. So enjoy your blog. Thank you…Patricia


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