rusty rustic lamp – take two

What do you do when you have a desk lamp without a base? I bought an old desk lamp from a garage sale, you know, the kind you’d see everywhere in the 80s which clamped onto the side of the desk.
I saw it, thought “hey, I can fix that” and took it home. Wayne made a base for me and I did use it for a while, but really, that base was overkill. I got a hernia moving it.
So, when cleaning out the office for its makeover (see it here and here) oh-so-long ago, I took the lamp apart and started on the road to remaking it. 
The idea was to make it industrial looking to go with the industrial/rustic desk I had planned for Wayne.
I did finish the desk, he’s been using it since before Christmas and I promise I WILL take photos as soon as he leaves the house long enough for me to clean up his office area…
Anyway, I was saying, I had the desk finished but the lamp was still in bits in the casita.
I went out there this afternoon on a whim and finished it.
Five minutes. That’s all it took. Eight months and five minutes.
See, I’d run into a problem. I had this round rusty metal wheel thingy I’d picked up at a tip shop ages ago and I knew I wanted to make that the base. However, it had a pokey outey bit on the bottom so it wouldn’t sit flat. And the other side of the wheel thingy was boring so I had to find a way to have the whole thing sit flat with the good side up.
I thought a block of wood was the way to go when I started working on it. I drilled a hole in the wood to poke through the long screw on the lamp. The screw thing was too long for the wood block so I cut it shorter using the angle grinder. I found that I’d stuffed up the block of wood cause I drilled it one width all the way through so there was nowhere for the nuts to hold on…
That’s when I sat it in a corner and proceeded to ignore it.
Until today.
Today I went into the casita and thought “I must have something I can use as a base which will be easier to screw the lamp onto”.
In fact there were a few things…
In the end I selected a small wooden bowl from my collection of wooden bowls (cause you never know when you’ll need one). I drilled a hole in it where I guessed the middle was, just wide enough for the screw, then piled the lamp, the wheel thingy and the wooden bowl on top of one another and screwed them together using a couple of nuts.

Its pretty stable. The wheel thingy (yes, that is the technical term) is really heavy so won’t overbalance.

Gotta love the green mossy patina… I didn’t clean it. I just blew the worst of the dust off it. I also didn’t seal it as the rust doesn’t come off on your hands.

There was only one more thing I did to the lamp… It had a couple of scratches on the rim of the lamp so I painted it with black chalkboard paint. Now I can leave notes to Wayne on his lamp!
This is how it looks in the corner of the kitchen. One day I promise I’ll take a photo of it in its new home on Wayne’s new/old/industrial/rustic desk.

Not bad for an eight month five minute job, huh?


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