a cute little airplane

Do you like my little wooden toy plane? I have no idea where it came from, but when cleaning out and organising the casita I found it among my toy collection.

(Doesn’t everyone have a toy collection?)

I have lots of collections. I basically collect anything I like the shape of, the colour of, plus anything I think I can use when doing junk art or repurposing. Behind the little airplane you can see a collection of tea pots and creamers and a collection of clothes hangers among other things.

This is one corner of the workshop which holds timber bits and pieces on the shelf, painting bits in the cupboard and tools on the pegboard.

I like this little corner. I like lots of little corners around our place. The theory is, if I like enough corners they add up liking the whole house and yard.
I pretend not to notice the bits I dislike till I can actually do something about them. Till then I focus on the pretty/cute/interesting bits that I like.

1 thought on “a cute little airplane

  1. I have a toy collection, too. It's in the studio that I am currently cleaning out. I hope to take pictures to show you if I remember. I'll have to clean it out, too, I'm afraid! I love the little collections you have shown. If I had a garage or outside work space, I would probably be dangerous – bringing home bits and pieces more than I do!


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