not quite the mediterranean

Its hot today. It was hot yesterday too. I don’t do well in the heat… All I want to do is lie down and sleep. I probably will after this post…

Its been a good day though cause we went for a dip at a local swimming hole.

Only took us 5 years of living here to learn about it.

I’ve never been one for swimming in rivers, even though I swam in the Murray and Murrumbidgee Rivers way more than in the sea for the first 10 years of my life. Back then we lived in inland NSW, far from the sea, and rivers were the only option outside the public swimming pool.

One thing I dislike about rivers is the dark tannin stained water, the murky black depths. I’m never comfortable in water when I can’t see my own feet, let alone the bottom.

Ok, I’m being unfair. The water was clear and I could see my feet, but it was dark and I couldn’t see the bottom beyond a certain depth. That gives me the creeps. I mean, when you’ve been spoilt, spending as many summers on a greek island as I have, you get kinda fussy about the water you immerse yourself in.

In Greece beaches are usually crystal clear, sandy and blue. Rivers are dark and scary looking to me.

Take a look at these images for instance (I got these off the net cause I can’t access my original blog and all my photos are on the external drive that went to meet its maker, figuratively speaking.)

Not quite the same is it?

Enough of that now. I’m making myself homesick.

Still, the river was beautiful and peaceful (till the hordes descended with their anklebiters). It has a beauty entirely of its own.

Despite my many years of Paros beaches (and being Greek), I’m also an Aussie country girl. My childhood memories are of living in country NSW. The Australian landscape speaks directly to my heart… which is why I choose to live on a farm and not in a city.

And lets face it: wet is wet!

When the river is closer than the beach and its too hot to move, that’s all that counts.

At least there are no sharks in Tasmanian rivers. Or crocodiles. Or piranhas. Basically, they’re pretty safe unless you stupidly dive in without knowing what’s beneath.

We hung around for a while swimming, relaxing, reading. I went in till I got all pruney and even though we were in an area of shade, I think I still managed to get a bit too much sun… hence the headache.

Not quite Paros, but it’ll do. 

2 thoughts on “not quite the mediterranean

  1. It is about making do. Do you get back to your Greek island at all? Katie and I visited Greece several years ago for one of her very small conventions, for lack of a better word right now. We stayed in Athens – dirty, smelly, crowded and visited several of the islands – touristy. What we wouldn't have given to know someone there at the time! It was the opportunity of a lifetime. We made do!


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