small changes in the living room I can live with

Its no secret that I dislike our living room.

Its not the size, I love the size. Its huge.

Its that nothing in there makes sense.

Like the columns in the middle of the room, holding up the ceiling cause the idiots who extended the house didn’t put in the right beam.

And they’re not even in the middle. They’re off centre, creating 2 areas of uneven size.

Mostly, what I dislike about it is the fact that its all so bitsy. We have mismatched items of furniture, nothing that makes sense and ties in together… Its too busy and messy… and I want a new couch. And the carpet is still salmon.

But I can’t remove the carpet yet (I had hoped to do that over summer, and get a new wood heater as well, but that didn’t go to plan). And I can’t afford a new couch. Which is probably for the best cause I still don’t really know what I want. I know I want leather, brown, classic… an old chesterfield would be great. Or a club lounge. And a gentlemen’s club wingback armchair would be nice. In worn leather.

Then I think a modular type with a chaise would probably fit better in our space.

I hate recliners – they’re so ugly, but they’re so comfortable…

In the end I just give up and keep moving things around to try to make the living room more bearable with what’s here now.

Among the most recent of furniture shuffles I thought I’d try a suggestion of Diane’s to stack my two small antique bookcases into one taller piece. I’d pooh-poohed her idea originally, saying the bookcases fit under the window perfectly as they were, that they don’t fit together well upside down… but she had a point. So many of my items were small/low/short. I needed taller pieces.

Then I tried it and I love this new little corner in the chaos that is our living room.

Note the painting of Dancer. I had a nail in the wall… and I had a painting to hang. There you go. 
The old/improved bookcase:

Note the books crammed in the gaps to balance it… I hope no one wants to read those books any time soon…

Its the perfect spot to sit and read or to sit with the laptop on your lap cause its the perfect height and depth of seat.

I’m wondering whether I should redo the bookshelves by colour like in this pin I saw on Pinterest. It looks so pretty, but I bet it’d be hell to locate a book. Our books are a mess right now cause I’ve been shuffling things around, but normally they’re organised by author and topic. ie art books together, dog books together, etc.

Another small but pretty move was the little bookcase I made over a few years ago into the internet corner. I call it the internet corner cause its where the cables come into the house and where, up until recently, the satellite modem and wifi router lived. Its also where the powerpoint is and where the TV lived.

You can see the satellite modem and router on top of the cabinet, and below, you can see our new NBN connection!

We are now part to the modern world, with faster internet! Not to mention a MUCH quieter internet connection! The old satellite modem was LOUD.

So this is what it looks like now – the modem on the wall and the wifi router on the bookcase. Once we’ve connected our VOIP phone the bookcase will move closer into the corner so the wires aren’t so visible.

But just in case you didn’t notice, the barbed wire heart in a base made from curved rusty roofing iron is one of Wayne’s creations.

So there you go. A couple of small parts of the living room which aren’t so bad to look at.

1 thought on “small changes in the living room I can live with

  1. I was going to mention the heart! So sweet! (Even if it's prickly barbed wire. Love can be that way at times.) The bookcases are unusual, and I do want to read the one about Poodles! Maybe some day/year you can put that beam in that would make the living room a little more functional. I watch so much HGTV, and they knock out load-bearing walls that need additional support beams. Sometimes, they can hide them up above the ceiling. It can't be cheap, though. I do think a leather Chesterfield sofa is a good choice. I saw one the other day, and I actually admired it. It was a nice worn light brown. Are there any second hand stores? I don't think I'll ever purchase a leather sofa for myself, though.


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