small things big impact – lighting the hallway

Day 5 – New pendant light

Like my new hallway light?

This is what it looked like when I bought it at the tip shop a few weeks ago:

Plain silver (aluminium I think, soft, cheap) inside and out. Complete with dints.

I straightened out most of the dints and spray painted the outside Rust-Oleum Almond. Yes, we finally have Rust-Oleum products here. But they’re not cheap.

Seriously, paint isn’t cheap in Australia.

Anyway, I love Rust-Oleum spray paint. It goes on so smooth. Not like some of the cheaper brands which was all I ever tried before.

I sprayed the inside gloss white for that two tone look, but taped up the rim so there’s still a silver rim. It looks amazing.

Of course I couldn’t use the pendant kit I had in mind (nothing ever goes as planned) so I had to use another… this one has a brass cap, the top ceiling bit is silver, making it all a mishmash. Kind of like a lot of things I do…

Eh. Who cares. I’m in love with my new light.

In case you’re wondering why the pictures are so close to the ceiling, this is a tiny hallway. So tiny you can stand in the middle of it and touch all four walls and five doors. I decided to hang some of my frames above the doorways. See below:

On the bottom left almost off the frame is the guest room, behind that is the office door, straight ahead is the bathroom door, to the right is the kitchen door. And the living room door is behind me as I take the photo.

I recently painted the hallway (and office) 3/4 strength Dulux China White to match the kitchen and I love the brightness of it. Yeah, the kitchen walls look yellow but that’s just the light in there.
The hallway is where I’ve put my framed fruit labels (I have a collection of them), and I’ve moved the ladder back in there. That was above our bed for a time.

See the difference in colours? Above is with flash, below is without.

But back to what I was bragging about: my beautiful new pendant light which cost me $1 at the tip shop.

I love it when something I got for next to nothing can look so good. And I have a serious problem with spending a ton of money on light fittings when I can do something like this.


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