birdwire light fitting

I went through a phase a couple of weeks ago where I was updating, making, changing light fittings. If you know me, you know I’ll do nothing for ages cause I’m worn out, then do all kinds of things which aren’t on my to-do list, then begin working on things which are on my list, then get side tracked with spur of the moment things.
The light fittings were like that. I began by doing the office/guest room swap and thought it’d be a good idea to change light fittings in those rooms while the furniture was out of the way.
Somehow I managed to stuff up the light connection (no idea what its called, but its the bit that’s in the ceiling and holds the globe) so the guest room has no light currently.
The office has a light (a working one I might add) but it hasn’t got a light fitting. I want a pendant in here as the ceiling is high enough.
So, having given up on the guest room light and having put off the office light, I went ahead and changed the light fitting in the wardrobe room. For those that don’t know, that’s a tiny room in our house which I converted into a wardrobe for Wayne.
Yes. You heard me right. In our house the man has the walk in wardrobe cause he has more clothes.
Anyway, back to what I was saying… The original light fitting in there was a real quickie I whipped up using wire and an old lamp shade. 
I never liked it much.

The new light fitting is made from some leftover bird wire I found in the shed. It was a bit crushed but that made it perfect. Imperfection is what I’m all about. Sometimes its even on purpose!

I had this shallow shade frame so all I did was attach the bird wire cylinder to it. Originally I had a long Edison bulb in it but they really don’t give off much light. Now it has a big white ball glove in it.

I think Wayne’s happy with it. Its a light. It comes on when he hits the switch. He’s happy.


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2 thoughts on “birdwire light fitting

  1. It's amazing the number of creative things you can find to do when you're supposed to be doing something else! I like the idea of Wayne's Walk-in Wardrobe. It has a certain ring to it. Katie and I aren't clothing people, either. Jeans, shorts and t-shirts for every-day wear. Katie must have some things to wear for work teaching, so she opts for Hawaiian-type luau shirts. They're a little dressy, but mostly casual and comfy, AND a way to poke fun at the world. Love the fixture. I am working on a bookshelf for the craft room. It was painted a dark green, so I have to prime it first (as far as I know!). The second coat went on today. We found some aqua-ish paint at the hardware store. It was either a paint that was mixed and someone didn't like, or the store made the mistake at mixing, so it was cheap – and fun! I don't know if I have ever painted a piece of furniture! It's hard work. I have to sit when I paint, and the shelf is deep, so my arms are aching. I also have paint way up on the inside of my arm. At least I can trade hands! It will be such a fun color to have in the craft room. Maybe I will paint the other bookshelves, too!!! We'll see!


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