one finger typing

I had an accident on Friday morning. It involved a competition between a horse, a wire fence and my fingers. The fingers lost. But it could have been so much worse – and in my quiet moments I run horrible scenarios through my head of just how much worse it could have been.

So I’m thankful that all my stupidity cost me was the entire top slice of my left hand middle finger. Basically the tip of my finger broke and the nail, nailbed and surrounding tissue is probably still out in the paddock.

I was able to drive myself to the doctor but my finger was beyond their capabilities, so a friend took me to emergency from there – which incidentally moved really fast (note: if you plan to injure yourself, Friday morning is a good time to do it). They checked me in but I didn’t get surgery till the next day. I couldn’t eat or drink  for hours and hours. I’ve had a skin graft and am now all wrapped up and in “downtime” mode till they check it out in 2 weeks.

At least that gives me a ton of time to catch up on all the projects I’ve had ready to post about but never had the time… and to watch 3 series of Game of Thrones.

Meanwhile, farm news – Chipmunk foundered so he’s on a starvation diet, poor little man.

Everyone else is well despite the huge amount of mud around, Dirty dogs won’t be getting a wash any time soon!

We had a pretty visitor last week:

Thats all for now. One finger typing sucks!


3 thoughts on “one finger typing

  1. Oh dear ! Make sure to take the time your poor finger needs to heal and I am guessing that hand is very sore too ! Accidents happen SO fast, good that you could drive to the Doctor and then that your friend took you into Emergency on a quiet moment there. Good that you have had the surgery and are on the heal part of the accident. Do the most quiet things to give your finger/hand nerves to settle. So sorry that happened. Hugs.


  2. Oh, Zefi!!! Ouch!!! I guess you will be having a little down-time. I feel so bad for you. Maybe Wayne will cook and clean and…

    Katie looked up “foundered” in regards to your horse. We found that it meant something was wrong with the hooves due to a rich diet, and he will be fed something different. Maybe that's it??? Anyway…I hope Chipmunk gets better. Our animals are so special to us!


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