a little gardening and where on earth have i been?

Tomorrow is the first day of spring. Not that the weather has been told. Its sunny one minute, pouring with rain the next, frost in the morning, warm in the afternoon… Pretty normal really.

The garden is confused. Plants flower. Then the frost gets them. So they flower again, The frost comes again and gets what survived the previous frost. Pretty normal really.

The garden isn’t the only thing that’s confused. Annabelle (the goose) has laid eggs. On top of last year’s dead eggs which I never got around to removing from the nest she abandoned.

In fact we’re not sure she’s actually laid new eggs on top of the old ones or if she decided to give the stale eggs another chance… either way, she’s gone clucky. Too early.

The place is a mess. Muddy and wet. Seeds I tossed out are growing and blooming between the frost bitten plants. The grass is growing and the weeds are growing faster. When walking across the yard I sometimes just can’t resist picking up the grandpa weeder and ‘just grubbing out that obnoxious weed that’s just staring me in the face, laughing at me’.

An hour or so later I put away the weeder and go into the house.

In the good news department, my new hyacinths are up. And the tyre retaining wall is filling up as the plants grow.

I put more wire up for the hardenbergia so it can spread across the carport wall.

Even the dogs got into gardening – digging new holes where pretty succulents used to grow.

I’m trying to get the garden done in short spurts, a bit here, a bit there. There’s just so much to do. And so little time. Which is why I haven’t posted. I just haven’t felt like writing, watching TV is all I want to do at the end of the day.

That and exercising my fingers.

With the broken finger now healed I can do almost anything again. My fingers are very stiff and sore and my left hand has only 1/2 the strength of the right,but I’m grooming again and I’ve started doing things in the workshop again. Finally.

One of these days I’ll be organised and have time to do it all.

In my dreams.


2 thoughts on “a little gardening and where on earth have i been?

  1. I'm glad your finger is healed. In time, your hand will get stronger as you tackle more and more. I'm glad you're getting back to the grooming. The puppies need it!

    I remember when you were constructing the tire wall. I think that's when I started following you!

    It's been rainy and dreary for a few days in a row. Yesterday, I had to sit in the grocery store waiting for the downpour to end! The frozen pizzas are still okay, I think

    I'm always glad to see new flowers coming from where I actually planted them. Your hardenbergia is gorgeous, and I don't think I've ever seen that plant before.

    What is it about dogs and their digging? They must be able to hear ANTS moving around under the earth! and, it's imperative that they find whatever it is! Gotta love 'em!

    Take care, Fonda


  2. Thanks Fonda. I think there must be critters living under the woodshed which the dogs can smell and hear. Unfortunately, when you live in the country there are critters everywhere – as the destruction is widespread. LOL

    I never used to love gardening but I've come to adore watching my plants flower and totally enjoy looking over and seeing things in bloom. Although I'm pretty useless at it. Once things are in full bloom I'll share before and 'now' photos of the tyre wall. Its only halfway done right now in terms of coverage, but its coming. Slowly.


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