christmas on the farm

Firstly, Merry Christmas to all! I hope everyone is having a great Christmas day and not spending it lying around the house doing nothing but being online, relaxing, reading, no TV, eating lots of good food and drinking (deadly) punch like us.
Wait a minute. That’s actually a great Christmas Day!
This year we opted to go it alone. We told all our friends we were spending Christmas with other friends and are hiding out with our own (furry and feathered) family on the farm. So far its working out great.
The air-conditioning is on and we’re relaxing in comfort. Even the dogs don’t want to go out into the heat. 
Barney, “hole in the blanket? what hole in the blanket?”

Montana, “what? you woke me up to take a photo?”

Romeo looking guilty as his tassie devil Christmas present is already missing a nose.

The other critters aren’t so lucky. They have to spend their time out in the blazing hot outdoors.

Here is little Chipmunk this morning, he always comes up to steal feed off the ducks.

Up close and personal with a miniature horse.

Dancer looking gorgeous as ever.

Wally as ornery as ever. Cass is somewhere behind the stable, all camera shy.

Our geese. The first batch that hatched this year, Jethro leads the way, the five babies (2 boys and three girls), then the siblings from our first ever goslings, Clarabelle and no-name boy (mainly cause we can’t tell him and Jethro apart any more). This is Clarabelle’s family.

Coming up behind is Annabelle (our original female goose) with her 4 babies and Hank. When Annabelle hatched out these babies she abandoned them for a while and Hank raised them on his own. What a guy!

Here they are, all together. Making a run to the feed Wayne is tossing out in the morning haze.

As far as presents go, this is my favourite. From my good friend Diane. I love it. Its so me!

So thats us for Christmas. I think I’ll go drink more punch and read a book. How great is that!


2 thoughts on “christmas on the farm

  1. Yesterday, it was about 75. Today is more like 70 with a bit of wind. We are spending the day alone, too {along with our 6 cats}. For us, we don't have anyone to spend it with! It will be a weekend day doing the usual things, but probably we will be going to the beach — only because we can brag to our families about it. At least to the ones who live in Colorado and Ohio where it's pretty cold right now. Really, I like it best when it's quiet and no noise. When I smoked, I could go outside where it was quiet. Now, I would just have to go stand out in the cold! lol

    I love to see the pictures of your critters. I love to see the whiskers of animals — cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, even mice! I didn't grow up around horses, but I have seen a few here and there. I love their soft noses. You are so blessed to have so much to love on your farm.

    I wish you and Wayne and all the critters you love and care for all the best in the new year.

    {Maybe tonight we'll remove everything from the room we need to paint. Then, we'll tape it off and pull out a baseboard that needs to come out if the bookshelves are to set well right up against the wall. Maybe…just maybe.}


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