chunky pine chairs makeover

I love our kitchen. Its my best makeover ever. Its everything I wanted it to be.

But the kitchen chairs have been an ongoing thing… I started with 4 mismatched vintage chairs, all painted white. I loved them. Till Wayne broke one of them. Oops. Vintage chairs aren’t the sturdiest things.

So I bought these chairs off Gumtree. Matching, newer chairs. They’re sturdy and nice. I planned to paint them. That was about a year ago and they’re still unpainted.



While sorting and cleaning out our sheds I rediscovered these solid, chunky pine chairs which Wayne brought with him when we moved here. I didn’t get before photos. Sorry. I think I didn’t want to cause I really disliked those chairs. They’re too chunky. Too country colonial. But they were strong and well made.


The painted chairs and a gratuitous poodle.

I hate painting chairs. All those spindles and legs! ugh. I decided to try out the new Rust-Oleum spray chalk paint. I gave them a spray of undercoat first, then used Linen White on one chair and Serenity Blue on the other. Love the look and love the colours. And I’m not being paid to say that (though I’m not opposed to the idea… hint hint).


The kitchen chairs aren’t perfect, YET, but I’m liking these two in their new colours. I’m now thinking of the two shades of grey in the chalked Rust-Oleum paint: Aged Grey and Country Grey. Or maybe Blush Pink…


OR I could use the same colours, then we’ll have two chairs in each colour.

Eh. We’ll see when I feel like painting more chairs. Took me a year to do the first two… wonder how long it’ll take me to do the other two?

I spent some time in the garden today, massacring some plants. Not sure if I did it right, but I figured its winter, I should cut things back so they grow well in spring. Time will tell if I did right or killed everything.


4 thoughts on “chunky pine chairs makeover

  1. Eh…It gets painted when it ts painted. That’s the way I feel about some things, too.

    We finished painting the living room {pink}, so today, we brought in some second-hand furniture we purchased and set up an arrangement in the living room. It’s looking good, but jeez, the colors are so, so bad. We will reupholster it all and buy an 8 x 10-foot rug. Then, some kind of window treatments and hang the loads of pictures we found at various thrift stores. Now, it’s on to the entry way {yellow}. This all just might come together…eventually!

    I have a big chunky chair (not a kitchen chair, but that kind of chunky), and I don’t know where I’ll put it. I want to paint it and recover the big chunky seat and back {removable}. I’ll find a spot for it, I think.

    It’s hot as dickens on my side of the globe. Heat advisories have gone out frequently. I’ll probably have to dodge raindrops in order to mow tomorrow. It needs it so badly, and rain is predicted all week to some extent.


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