game of thrones – khaleesi


I had planned to share all the Game of Thrones doll repaints in one post, but it turns out that would be too huge and photo intensive. So I’m going to combine a couple of dolls in each post till I run out of dolls.

This post is about the two Daenarys Targaryen dolls. One I’m calling Dany and the other is Khaleesi.

This is Khaleesi – the before and after pics of the Bratz doll I used as my base doll. Since I’d chosen a doll with the right colour hair and even a hairstyle that suited her, I didn’t need to do a lot of work other than repaint her.

And give her a baby dragon.


This is the dress I based the doll’s costume on:



Then there’s Dany, the early days, when she was in the desert, dressed in rags. Here is the inspiration photo:


And here is the doll. She even has her dragon eggs.

dany1 (2)

dany3 (2)


And like the real Daenarys, she has a white horse.


Both Daenarys and Khaleesi will be at the Etsy Makers Market at the end of November.

Meanwhile, I gotta get to bed. I’m so tired. A really hard day grooming, then I mowed the lawn and I think I cracked a rib doing something really stupid.

I need a rest!




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