i found the floor!


At least that’s what I tell Wayne.

But the truth of the matter is that even I can’t live with this:


Yes. Disgraceful. I know. That is my office.

To be fair, that was about halfway through cleaning up, the goal being to find the floor. As everyone knows,  you have to make a bigger mess to clean up a mess.

I have so many hobbies and have so many THINGS that I plan to do creative things with, that the office is chock-a-block full of stuff. Its hard to keep it all contained, let alone organised.

Especially when in the middle of a project or five.

Part of the problem is that I don’t work on one thing from start to finish, then put all the bits away before starting something new. I’ve never got the hang of focusing…

That means I have 3 commission barbies on the go right now, necessitating hair, rooting tools, fabric for clothing, shoes, etc to accumulate on the desk. I also have some wire projects in various stages of un-finished-ness. Add wire cutters and pliers and wire to the mix… Then, just for the fun of it, I have a couple of small sewing projects – nothing too boring. Top it off with fabric, scissors, beads, buttons… oh and paper to draw up patterns.

You’ll notice the photos somehow avoid showing you the table…


I ended up moving a few bits of furniture to make the office a bit more user friendly. This side of the room is dedicated to dolls. The cupboard holds glues and sprays, felting wools, as well as some boxed items for future projects. The boxes on top hold dolls and accessories. The little wooden cabinet holds old diaries, notebooks and folders and the drawers hold doll accessories. The shelf on top holds all the dolls that are finished or in progress.


The opposite wall now holds all my fabrics and sewing machines. The fabric does need to be sorted and folded better, but for now the top shelf holds doll costume fabrics and the bottom shelves hold my crazy critter type cotton fabrics.

Much better.

I wonder how long it’ll take till I fill it up with crap again?


6 thoughts on “i found the floor!

  1. Oh, what a delight to read this post; I share similar creative madness methods. I tend to keep organization and order for the most part, but allow myself designated/compartmentalized areas to come unhinged, if need be. And, yes, what a wonderful feeling it is when you find the floor!


  2. I’m glad you tamed your workspace. This it just what I need to see, that it can be done! Love that you are “in the middle of a project – or five”! I can so relate. I’ve lost count of how many projects I’ve decided to start, have all the materials for, can’t locate where I’ve put the materials, and forgotten I’ve even started!


    • Hahaha. I have more than 5 on the go, but hey, who’s counting. There are days I manage to actually finish a few projects in one go (wonderful, amazing, miraculous days!) but then there are days when I start things and move on to start other things… and it just goes on… LOL

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