Yes. Well. This is how it goes around here:

I make plans for tomorrow, the day after, the whole week. I have a diary I keep my appointments in. I make lists of things I need to do – today, tomorrow, the day after, etc.

Then something happens. Nothing ever goes as planned… do you find that? Things I meant to do today get moved to tomorrow or the next day or next week. I do things today that weren’t on the list for this year. I shuffle papers, never use a pen in my diary (learned that the hard way), write new lists.

Surely I’m not the only person who’s life seems to have a life of its own?

Don’t expect any insights or clever solutions in this post. In fact, if you have a solution please share.

I know the theory: Write things down. Make lists. Prioritise.


Then things change and I need new plans and new lists. My plans are organic in nature, growing and changing…

I make lists and number things in order of priority as well as geographic location. I mean, how else will I manage to do everything in a time-and-fuel-efficient manner?

Will I ever get this under control or is this terminal do you think?


2 thoughts on “plans…

  1. I think sometimes you have to say what can I do in the next 15 minutes that will bring me further to my goal. You sound a little frustrated. Maybe things will work themselves out. It sounds like the only thing that must be done on a schedule is the dog grooming work. So, that can’t be changed. But, you can work with the rest. Maybe you’re stars aren’t lining up this week, so do what you can. Next week is another week you can work toward your goals. Hang in there.


    • Thanks Fonda. Yes, yesterday was particularly frustrating. I was exhausted after a long day grooming, then looked around at all the things I have to do. It was just too much, I was too tired. Things will work themselves out. At least the grooming business is growing and can pay for my hobbies! 🙂


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