places in athens…

My days in Athens are over. I’m on my way to Paros finally. The last couple of days in Athens weren’t too bad, we had some rain the odd cool breeze. Thank goodness. I thought I was going to melt with the heat the last few days.


Monastiraki Square with the Acropolis in the background.



My brother returned from Paros and is probably already back home in Canberrra. Three weeks in Greece is just not enough. Its ironic that I see more of my brother in Greece than I ever do in Australia… Wierd huh?

I find myself in the same situation I was in while at home in Tasmania. Getting behind on my blog posts. So I thought I’d share some thoughts and adventures while I sit in a lounge on the ferry.


A gorgeous whimsical street in Monatiraki where there are lightshades hanging as lighting in the street. I love it!


Thats it. I want to do this at home!!!

Last time I was in Greece I noticed all the dogs. It seems everyone owns a dog in Athens now, and we’re not talking pocket sized dogs. Most of them are mid to large sizes. People are always out walking them… of course they have to cause they all live in apartments. And yet, I only saw one tiny dry bit of dog shit in 10 days walking the neigbhourhood streets. I see more uncollected dog poop on the streets in New Norfolk than I did in Athens. That’s saying something!


Beautifully graffitied wall and shutters.

Am went down to Plaka and Monastiraki again. Man I love that area of Athens. Its so alive and colourful and there are so many gorgeous bars and cafes. This time I went down with my beloved cousin Zefi yes, there are three Zefis in the family. Give it time. There’ll be more once their kids start breeding…)



We had a drink at a bar and art gallery called TAF which is located in the yard of King Othona’s stables. It was lovely. But then, I adore old stuff…



We had an ice cream at the best gelato place in Athens, and they took me past a café of old floor lamps. So cute!


Would you believe these are ice creams?





How cute are the lamps?

The best thing ever was the street with the pendant lights all over the road (see photos above) and a café called Little Kook. I’m having internet issues on and off so there’ll be more photos on my FB page.



I’m in love with that place. Apparently they change the décor with the seasons. Right now it’s a pirate theme and their Christmas décor is over the top. It was like stepping into wonderland. I took tons of photos so enjoy.


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