new friends

I’ve made a new friend…

Ok, two new friends. The top one is a cute little cat who’s been dropping in demanding some serious ‘pat me’ sessions. She has the cutest little crescent moon shape on her forehead.

The bottom pic is my newest friend, another Australian who’s moved to Paros to live.

We’re multiplying…

We met for a coffee today and the wierdest thing happened… the barman walked out the door, saying he’d be right back, got on his motorbike and drove off leaving us alone in the bar… Damn! I’ve never had that happen to me before!

Today was gorgeous in the morning, a really mild night turned into a warm morning then clouded over and began raining at the very point I began walking along the part of the road where there was no cover. Obviously. Then it proceeded to stop soon as I got into the cafe bar. Naturally. And then it turned cold. Real cold.

Whatever. Its still beautiful here.

My tiny little space is taking shape. I spent most of yesterday cleaning and organising. Today I was out half the day but I managed to finish putting things away in their ‘place’. I put that in quotes cause I’m sure things will change many times before I’m done.

I still have free storage space which is great. I’ll share pics later when things are more sorted. Trust me… fitting into a single room and tiny bathroom is a huge change from having a 4 bedroom house with a huge living room, an entire house/shed with a huge workshop area, grooming room and storage, plus a very big garage, 2 sheds and a large garden…

Then again, I no longer own any furniture. Or big dogs for that matter… Its a very different life from the one I had in Tasmania. Both fuller and emptier at the same time.

I really miss my dogs…

So here are some more photos from my walk today. This is an old house that’s been renovated in the current style. Very pretty.

And below some places that are falling apart. Cause you know I love that stuff…

One day these places will be bought by someone who has the money to rebuild and restore them and they’ll look gorgeous again. Till then I enjoy the colours and peeling paint.


2 thoughts on “new friends

  1. I know what you mean. I moved from three bedrooms 2000 ft.² into one bedroom and one bath. I still have a storage space for some of my stuff in it and it’s been there now for some eight years. Ha ha

    I hope you enjoy your new place. I enjoy living here most of the time. It’s in the middle of the action of some places close to grocery stores etc. But I miss my house a mess on my antiques in my heart. But they’re just things. I still have my dogs. I can’t see but one of your pictures.

    Have fun.


    • Not sure why you can’t see the pics. Try reloading the page? I have some glitches using the tablet and the wifi…
      I miss my dogs most of all, but this place is too small for 2 sps and me anyway. And they are loved and happy where they are so I’m happy knowing that.


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