paros day 24: painting on marble

Still cold and windy on Paros. We really don’t like going out when its like this. Lainee has found a little hiding place in the corner of the couch where she sits and watches me work during the day. Sometimes she sinks so far in there I can’t even see her.

So, I’ve been doing more paintings on the marble pieces I had. Experimenting with different mediums and paint thicknesses. The blue eyed kitty is more opaque like a gouache.

The boston terrier is a watercolour image with a decoupage background for something a little different.

This one is as colourful and busy but all in watercolour, a cat sleeping inside a blanket…

I love working with all the different styles, but I think I like the washes best. I usually just let the image dictate how it wants to be painted.

Lastly a mouse, cause we have a build-up of cats around here.

I’m really enjoying working small. I think all those years I worked on huge pieces wasn’t were I was supposed to be. Maybe the doll makeovers were a way to show me how much I like working small and delicate… Most of these marble pieces are under 10cm at their widest… basically smaller than a postcard in most cases.

But a lot heavier!

I’ve been working on a larger piece on paper, mixed media, but I’m not ready to share that yet, if ever. Lets see how it works out before I share.

Before all this isolation/shutdown crap happened I’d received some special brushes in the mail. I ordered them in preparation for my job at the ceramic studio where I need to do very fine work. They’re called rigger brushes for watercolour and they’re basically brushes with very long hair, used to paint long straight lines. I find they’re perfect for doing fine work. They’ll come in very handy once I get back to doing dolls again. Meanwhile they’re ideal for these little portraits and I’m loving them.

I’m loving a lot lately. Most of all I’m loving that I am enjoying painting again after a very long time.

Meanwhile, I finished watching Sons of Anarchy tonight. I’m feeling sad about the ending, but it was the only way it could end. Time to find another addictive show…

Off to do our last walk for the day and then to bed. Tomorrow is another day and it includes a trip to the supermarket cause I wanna make cookies.


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3 thoughts on “paros day 24: painting on marble

  1. First of all I love Lainee. She reminds me of all the teacup poodles that I have had. I miss them so much. Second, I really love your paintings. I use to do oil paintings but haven’t done any in many years. Keep up the good work as I enjoy your pictures so much.


    • Thank you Koleta. Lainee is a big bigger than a teacut. LOL She’s a dwarf which means she’s between an american toy and a mini. But she’s gorgeous and sweet and I love her so much.
      Take out your paints, or order new ones and have a go. Why not? Just play and see what happens. You might find a long lost love.


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