paros day 29: heads & tails among other things

You know what its like… you’re walking along, minding your own business when right there in front of you is the most perfect rock with a heart in it!

Ok, so maybe its not exactly like that for everyone, but I found this on my walk yesterday. I actually walked past it and then went back to collect it. I couldn’t leave it.

Once home I gave it a wash then filled the heart with a sea blue colour. The photo doesn’t do it justice, in real life its much bluer with hints of green. I finished it by pouring in some clear nail varnish to seal it.

Today has been a productive day and I still managed to sit in the sun and read for a couple of hours this afternoon. Its gorgeous out there.

Sharing some more of my marble art…

I have been working on a couple of other things and will share them when they’re finished. But right now its time to think about dinner. Do I cook? Do I chop up a salad? Other choices include toasted turkey and cheese, tuna sandwich, or instant noodles…

Big decisions. I mean, now I have to think about what I’m going to eat so much more than I did before when I could grab a souvlaki or some take away on a whim. Now its a whole think ahead of time planning thing. Plus I no longer like to waste food so now I plan meals and make sure I eat my leftovers instead of waiting for the necessary time to pass before throwing them out.

Yesterday I ate the last of my chicken green curry – YUM – that’s something I never tire of eating. Note: buy more coconut milk.

So I’m off to ponder dinner. Or take a walk…

Hope you all have had a good day and enjoy your afternoon.


4 thoughts on “paros day 29: heads & tails among other things

  1. Your rock is absolutely beautiful. I am a lover of rocks, too. Whenever i find a heart shaped rock, I give it to my granddaughter and tell her it is my heart. She will be 20 in July.
    I love your paintings, too. I think you and I are alike in lots of ways, we have the same interests, such as rusty things and I love to create things from junk. I beat you on age tho. Ha!!

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    • Eh, what is age? Its a number we are better off to forget. I sure don’t feel mature enough to be my age! LOL I once heard a description given about me by a niece: she’s one of the oldies, but she’s more like a kid. LOL


  2. Love your paintings, especially the fish! We are eating a little different, too. Used to be I cooked and cooked day after day so we could have different things during the week. Now, I just cook one thing, and we eat it until it’s gone. Or maybe I’m just being lazy…could be…

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    • I go through phases where I love cooking and when I avoid it like COVID-19 (haha, don’t need to say ‘the plague’ nowadays!). Mainly cause I got sick of cooking when I was in a relationship years ago. I also got sick of cooking when my partner didnt really like what I cooked so I decided he could do the cooking. ha!


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