paros day 46: started on Paros…

Today is May 1st and I’m in Athens. Day 45 was a normal day till about 6pm when I got a call from two very upset aunts telling me my mom had had a stroke and was in hospital.

Of course that sent me into a spin and matters weren’t made any better when I couldn’t get ahold of anyone at the hospital who could tell me how she was.

A very quiet port as the ferry prepares to leave.

Thankfully one of my aunts was able to speak to a doctor that evening so I knew mom was alert and speaking and that it was only a light stroke.

So I got onto the first (and only) ferry to Athens armed with a note from the doctor explaining why I had to travel and a Blue Star Ferries form declaring I had not been in contact with the virus.

Not even mid winter is this quiet.

It was a very long day, got home, saw my aunt who is 92, lives downstairs, has recently had a fall and needs constant attention, made sure she wouldn’t be alone for hours and went to see mom at the hospital. Spent time with her then back to my aunt to get her dinner, meds and put her back to bed.

Thankfully this hospital isn’t a COVID 19 treatment center and mom was sitting up when I got there.

She is fine

It was a light stroke, and while she’d been unable to talk for a few hours she has no issues remaining from it. The best possible outcome.

I’m in Athens now, for how long I don’t know. Cause once mom is home and even if she’s 100% she can no longer do anything at all for her sister. She is not to even go downstairs to visit. It will be my job.

So till I know what’s happening, what I can organise for both mom and my aunt, I have no idea what I will do or when I can go back home. I ideally want to take mom back to Paros with me… but what of my aunt?

Mom is fine. That’s all that matters right now


7 thoughts on “paros day 46: started on Paros…

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your mother. I hope she will be okay. It will be tough taking care of her and your aunt. Do you have any siblings or cousins to help with the task? Sharing the responsibilities would make it so much lighter on you.

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  2. Glad your mum is ok Zefi, your aunt is a whole different problem for you. Did you take your dog with you? Take care Zefi. Alan


  3. I’m sorry to hear about your mom and aunt. It will be a difficult time for you. At least you aren’t an ocean away.

    What about Lainee?


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