oops i did it again

I disappeared again.

Partly cause I had a minor existential meltdown. Partly cause the weather was still so good I had to continue swimming while working and attempting to create in my spare time. Partly cause I got lazy.

Mostly cause of the existential crisis.

I won’t bore you.

Let me just say that I have been creating, just very very slowly. I started a couple of sculptures a while back and one is standing still while I work on the other one. And its slow progress. Mainly cause I chose to finish it in fabric, so I have to sew every little bit on by hand. It takes a while.

I think I’ll stick to clay and glue next time. A mix of paper mache and whatever else I decide to add to each piece. I have ideas. Its time and energy I seem to be lacking…

Mind you. I have done a few things in the last couple of silent weeks.

I’ve socialized and been out to dinner and lunch a few times with friends and cousins.

I packed away most of my summer clothes and am still washing to put away the rest. Its funny to think that 2 days ago I was swimming and today I had to carry Lainee to work cause she wasn’t wearing her life vest!

I took down all the winter clothes and boots: hello Blundstones! I’ve missed you!

I cleaned Lainee’s teeth with the tooth scraper I ordered on ebay.

I found a rug I fell in love with, ordered it, was told it was no longer available (twice, from different stores) and called around till I found a store which had it in stock and ordered it again. I should have it next week.

I ordered a rice cooker. I miss my rice cooker. It just didn’t seem worth bringing it to Greece with me for some reason, yet its something I use a LOT.

I’ve been making (and eating) yogurt ice cream. I’m on the last batch before I share my recipe. Cause I’ve been experimenting to make it low fat and non sugar… while still maintaining taste.

I’ve cooked a couple of meals… its something I don’t do in summer and am still not doing as mom is always cooking and giving me food. In fact so much food I often don’t have time to eat it… Today I bought dill so tomorrow I’m making spinach pie. I told mom not to cook for me! I still have beets, fried red peppers and salad in the fridge from yesterday and today!

Moms are great, aren’t they?

I’ve been busy trying to organise some doctor appointments for mom and giving her things she needs now the weather is turning cool. I’ve loaned her my dehumidifier as the damp is bad for her arthritis. My small heater. A wool blanket. Some warm tops. Some warm socks. Some warm legging pants which will hopefully fit her – she’s so tiny now.

I’m still working thankfully. No idea how long for, but still going strong for now. Work while there’s work to do! I’ll be without work till next season soon enough.

Anyway, here is some island colour to brighten up your day since I don’t have much to say. Enjoy.

What can I say? I love the bright flowers and the old doors best!


4 thoughts on “oops i did it again

  1. Love that you showed the island colors! Beautiful! When we were in Athens oh so many years ago, we took photos of doors. Many different styles and colors. Gorgeous!

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  2. I love the bright colors too. Thanks for the photos. We just had a winter storm in the last few days. We didn’t get much snow but some large sleet and rain which helps. I am trying to get some craft projects done but I am so slow with it. My husband had surgery about 3 weeks ago and he keeps thinking I should be in the same room as he is. I am trying to make feathers from macrame cord and will try to put pony beads on them.


    • I love those macrame feathers! I wanted to have a go but I really should concentrate on the things I want to make that I know I can make! LOL Plus I have other projects just waiting for me to have time (and space).
      As for the needy husband, I get it… LOL been there… hope he’s well soon so you can get on with things!
      We’re lucky here, we don’t get such cold though the wind is fierce and biting cold. Especially outside here as I’m exposed to the wind off the sea. Its a trade off: views vs wind. LOL


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