gone to the cats – lockdown 2 day 6

This is what I saw coming down the hill from my walk with Lainee this morning…

And here’s a closeup.

I don’t know these cats’ names, but I call them Fatcat on the left and Stubby on the right cause she’s a very small compact cat. Both very cute and sweet, they were waiting for me to give them a pat.

A bit further on I see Gringa waiting for me on the wall.

And the newest cat on the block. She doesn’t have a name. I took her in to be spayed about 2 weeks ago and she is gorgeous. She hangs around but never seems hungry enough to eat the dry food I put out so she’s obviously getting food from somewhere. She’s incredibly cuddly and purry.

Lastly Bob, who followed me the rest of the way home, cause she actually lives outside my place in a crate I have there (yes, Bob is a girl. If you can have a boy named Sue, you can have a female cat named Bob). She and Gringa and Cheeky cram themselves into that crate at night. They belong to my neighbour and greet me every time I open the door.

NMC (Not My Cat) is still around, though no longer sleeping on my patio. The girl cats made sure to let him know he’s no longer welcome there. But he’s here every morning for some breakfast of cat kibble.

Anyway, I have no finished projects to share yet but I have been busy. I’m working on a ton of things all at once – I’m making sculptures, experimenting with mixed media and have a couple of wood projects on the drawing board, What that means is that one day soon I’ll have a ton to share as each piece gets finished.

At least that will keep you interested!


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