i’m a cat person – lockdown 2 day 17

I’ve always been a dog person. I love all animals, but dogs are the best. They’re the ones who live in my heart.

This summer alone I’ve helped 3 small kittens and a few older cats, and every time I’ve been able to let them go, find them homes, care for them outside my home, etc.

Kitten #3 is different somehow. I’m not sure what it is. The way he looks at me, the purring. He’s managed to wriggle into my heart.

I’m still trying to impose logic here: I don’t need another pet. I can barely afford the animals I care for already. Lainee deserves to have all my love and attention. I hate cat hair. Cats walk on tables and benches. Eww. Kitty litter – (gag) GROSS. I will try to find him a loving home… yet I still haven’t looked for a home for him. Maybe he’ll do something really annoying and I’ll be able to let him go….

Till then, I admit defeat and give in to kitten love.

Today a friend of mine told me she saw the photos and thinks this kitten has brought out something special in me, love, a glow… Lovely words. Yesterday another friend told me I was opinionated but not judgemental and was one of the very few people who didn’t annoy her. hahaha I have great friends. I often tell myself I must be a good person cause I have the best friends, people I love and respect.

This morning Lainee curled up in Eric’s basket, maybe in protest. Eric managed to push in and eat some of Lainee’s food. They both got on my lap and Eric searched for milk while Lainee gave me miserable looks. She’s only told him off once and now seems to have accepted him, though not enthusiastically. Sort of like rolling her eyes, grumbling under her breath and tolerating him rather than actually welcome him.

Its hard enough to work with a kitten climbing up my legs into my lap, wanting attention. Trying to work with two needy critters in your lap is impossible. They were both banished now and are both on the couch, at opposite ends. Fine. The last thing I need when I have clay fingers is to pry a kitten off my chest.

I sound whiney. I’m not really. I’m loving Netflix evenings cuddles with Eric and my morning cuddles with Lainee in bed. And I like the company of them both. Maybe I will keep him.

Maybe I don’t have a choice.

I gotta get to work. I have loads to do today, including giving Lainee some TCL. She needs a groom.

Later dudes!


2 thoughts on “i’m a cat person – lockdown 2 day 17

  1. Be sure to get Eric neutered or he’ll eventually give you many good reasons to kick him to the curb! It does sound like you’re in love with a cute little animal. Take good care of all of you.

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