its cats vs dogs – lockdown 2 day 18

Above is a preview of things to come… drying on my stove top. Cause I never cook. Couldn’t even if I wanted to: there are things drying on there (and in the oven)!

Today was a very productive day. It started with grooming Lainee and kept going, no lazy time today! I spent the whole day working on scuptures and playing with clay and loved it. I have about 8 things drying right now and will be posting them soon. I have to do something with the clay I bought otherwise I’m just wasting money and hoarding supplies.

Meanwhile, Eric helped by sitting on my lap and inspecting everything I did. He decided he loves my work apron and is constantly crawling up INSIDE it. Its good when he climbs up to the top and sits there, looking out. Its a safe spot, out of the way of clay hands and less risk of falling when I get up and move around.

Here he is below with a part of one of my sculptures. He obviously thinks its his toy.

No new pics of Lainee in her new hairdo, but here are a couple of photos of my uncles’ dogs.


I see these guys almost every day when I go to my uncle’s to spend time with mom. Its actually really nice to go there for coffee in the morning and chat with the family surrounded dogs.

Which reminds me, my cousin is waiting for me to do some more painting in his house… oops. totally forgot about that… Better get onto it tomorrow! Seems like the day is panning out busier than previously expected.

No rest for the wicked they say.

I must be very bad!


7 thoughts on “its cats vs dogs – lockdown 2 day 18

  1. Eric’s so fierce with that sculpture! Gave me a good chuckle. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a kitten in our house! They are such fun at that age…a pain in the butt, but fun! lol

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  2. God works in mysterious ways! Eric is a beautiful kitten. I just got my big cat Toby back from the vet’s and I missed him so much. He is a talker. My Paisley just got groomed yesterday and looks beautiful (poodle mix). My doxie is getting old and forgetful and I am not looking forward to the day she is no longer here. My Daisy Mae was a very young street runner when the Animal Control people caught her. They put her picture in the paper and my husband and went to see her. She has a Yorkie face but her body is some other terrier mix. We brought her home on March 1 this year. She is so grateful and loveable and full of energy. All we can do is love them and give them a good and safe home.
    I love your posts about your animals and your crafts and your family. Keep up the good work.
    I joined your blog while you were still in Australia and enjoyed your stories about your animals there.

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    • Thank you Koleta. I’ve always either bought my dogs (to start with as I always wanted purebred poodles) then bred my own, or in Lainee’s case, was given her by a friend. I don’t apologise for wanting purebred poodles. I love all dogs but poodles have been in my heart all my life. As for cats… I had a cat when I was a kid, one my brother saved from being tortured, but since then never had one to call my own… just fed and cared for cats who needed me. I’m not sure how I’ll go being a cat owner, but lets wait and see. If Eric is meant to stay he will stay.


  3. I was always a purebred white poodle-owner even bred the small white poodles for about 3 years while my kids were small. I still love the tiny white poodles but can’t afford them anymore. My mixes have as much love if not more for being saved. Mixes don’t necessarily have fewer vet bills tho. I do love my animals and others. Got my big yellow and white male cat back from the vet. He is ok they didn’t find anything serious.
    I loved your beautiful white poodles and wanted a standard but can’t afford one now. We are in our late 70’s and live on social security and some savings.

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