a little pottery – lockdown 2 day 25

Since I bought some air dry clay to fine tune my dog sculptures, I figured I may as well have a go at making other stuff with it just to see how it dries and what I can do with it.

I had a little look on Pinterest and got some ideas to try out and made a few small dishes…

Cats, they seem to be very popular on Pinterest…

A rough little lace plate…

A fish, not a dish but an incense holder…

And one bowl you’ll see again later when I finish it.

Other than that I’ve been busy. No surprise there.

I got a vacuum cleaner today, something you wouldn’t think you’d need on a greek island with all the tiled floors, but once you get a rug… Not to mention that apparently you need a vacuum cleaner in summer too as its almost impossible to sweep up the dust and sand without the wind scattering it.

Of course I haven’t used it yet. I’ll save that for tomorrow!

I’d been out shopping for mom and myself today, picking up stuff (including the vacuum cleaner) so by the time I got home all I wanted to do was sit and work for a while.

And wash the mess of rope I picked up off the road. (But thats another story.)

Then eat a late lunch and finish watching season 3 of Zoo. Not so sure about that series anymore. It started out great, all about animals attacking humans, then it got into some pretty way out wacky genetics and mutating stuff, but its ventured into implausibility and sci-fi territory now. Still, I’m attached to the characters now and will watch the next season if (and when) it comes out.

…I wonder what’s happening with The Walking Dead… Anyone know if there’s another season out or coming?

Anyway, I have a dog waiting for me on the table. Not Lainee. She’s quite content. I took her for a long ride in the car today and then a run on the beach. She’s had her dinner and is currently curled up on the couch.

Eric is around here somewhere… not sure where… I can’t hear him or see him.

Hmm. Its quiet. Too quiet… It reminds me of a little poem I read somewhere many years ago:

More frightening than a storm or a riot
Is a bunch of kids
Which is suddenly quiet.

Better go check what he’s up to.



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