christmas eve – lockdown 2 day 47

Wow. Its been a busy day, but I got it all done and even had time to watch a Christmas movie before posting and going to my uncle’s place for dinner.

It was touch and go there for a while. My mother made plans (for me) without checking with me first, so I had to pick her up and take her to town, pick up her script and her medication (turned out the script was wrong so I had to go to the health center and wait to get a new script setting my whole day behind by about 45 minutes) so I had to skip going to the supermarket for chocolates before going to my uncle’s to wash and tidy Rosie, Spitha and Lainee. Then I had to rush down to pick up mom who was in a hurry (its always ‘now’ things have to be done), leaving Lainee unfinished so I had to finish her when I got home. I also had to stop at the supermarket at the busiest time and wait in line to enter and in line at the checkout. groan.

But I managed to finish mom’s little bag, make bandanas for the three dogs, wrap presents including little bags of shortbread cookies, and I’m all set for tomorrow.

I even took Lainee for a walk on the beach cause it was such a glorious day.

Though I have a real bad backache now. Hope its better by tomorrow.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas Eve and a great Christmas Day tomorrow.

Hugs to all!


4 thoughts on “christmas eve – lockdown 2 day 47

  1. Since Katie had her hip replaced on Monday, we have to go for little walks at home. Today, it was a pleasant 68° through windy. We walked to the mailbox and brought in the trash bin. When we got to the front door, we decided to sit outside for a little while. Quite nice for Christmas eve! Sometime today, it is to start raining and kick up a big ol’ storm. We were hoping to go for a drive to see Christmas lights. Do they do that in Greece? We’ll just have to see what it’s like after dinner and decide then. If we don’t go tonight, I’m sure the lights will be up until close to new year’s day. So, if not tonight, we can go another time.
    Best wishes, Zefi!

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    • Not as many people do Christmas lights here as in Australia and the USA I bet, at least not the over the top stuff you see there. I put up Christmas lights this year too. I love them. I’ll reconfigure them and leave them up all year once the season is over.
      Sounds like you have a wonderful Christmas Eve. Give Katie my best.

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  2. Wow! How did you get all of that done?? I’m one day!!!
    You are amazing!
    Are you and your Mum and Uncle George still on Paros? Did your Mum go back to Athens at all, after Summer?
    I guess you are all safer from Covid, on Paros rather than I Athens.
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas Day!!
    Sending you Love and Christmas Cheer.
    Helen & Teddy.


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