back to work – lockdown 2 day 50

I’ve had a total break for the last 3 days. Not one skerrick of work done. Creative work I mean. This evening I’ve done the tiniest bit on the latest sculptures, but besides that I’ve been socializing (as much as lockdown allows), emailing, Netflixing and napping. With my two best friends: Lainee and Eric.

Its been a glorious few days of rest.


But its time to get back to work.


Till then I’m enjoying mom’s kolyvozoumi… Here is a recipe I found. I made it a couple of times in Australia – I love it. Its sort of like a porridge made from wheat. Hard to describe. You just gotta try it. Perfect winter food.

So there you have it. I’m off to eat some more kolyvozoumi and maybe read a while.

Tomorrow is another day.


2 thoughts on “back to work – lockdown 2 day 50

  1. A little bit at a time, I am cleaning my work desk. I’ve decided not to do any more challenges until at least the first of the year.

    I love that yellow door. Is it to a cabinet or the front door of a house. While in Greece, Katie and I took pictures of doors because they were so interesting!


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